A mother can try to get her son to wash his face, brush his hair, to appear reasonably tidy – and almost fail.

One day, some 16 or 17 year old girl walks into his life and onto the scene, and she achieves more in two weeks than mother has managed in this area over a period of months.

There is a new devotion – someone new to please.

That is what happens when a man or woman is born again, in the spiritual realm.

Attitude and outlook is suddenly and radically transformed.

It can be attractive and even exciting to search for something new in the Christian Faith – or to look for some ‘new revelation’ which may be able help resolve our problems quickly – and this can be going on in our hearts and minds and lives even while we overlook what is already written and revealed in the scriptures – in the Bible.

Occasionally, one meets individuals who are looking for something which does not really exist – they can think that there is greener grass elsewhere. That can be dangerous. That is a moment to ground yourself, solidly, in the Scriptures.

Peter, in the opening words of his first letter, is writing to disciples of Jesus scattered all over the Middle East, who have lost much, because of this continuing wave of persecution.

Peter gave these men and women what they so needed at the time.

Although many of these believers never saw Jesus – they believe in Him and they love Him. They knew what He had done for them. Their sins had been forgiven and they had received the power of the Holy Spirit, filling them with an inexpressible and glorious joy.

Who else can you love whom you have never seen? Another unique insight!

Peter is speaking about a living hope, a tested faith and a joyful love, going on to affirm how God has gifted them salvation.

Salvation means the same as salvage. There may be things we were going to throw out and then we rescue or salvage them and make them useful.

God says – I am going to salvage these people and make them useful – giving them a purpose, a goal, a significance.

I am going to give them faith, hope and love, so that they can be fruitful – bearing fruit that will last.

God gives people tremendous privileges, but that involves responsibilities.

We hear much about human rights – but seldom are human responsibilities underlined.

“Almighty God – at a time when the Church of Jesus Christ can be struggling and confused and bewildered – strengthen Your chosen and anointed people – as we feed upon the Word of God daily, feed us spiritually. Hear our prayers and answer our cries – in Jesus Name. Amen”