Let me hear in the morning of your

steadfast love,

for in you, I trust.

Make me know the way I should go,

for to you I lift up my soul. Psalm 143:8 (ESV)

David, the shepherd king, penned these words. He asks the Father to speak to him in the mornings. David desires to hear of God’s steadfast love. He tells God that he trusts Him.

David also asks for the Father’s guidance. Again, he speaks of his trusting God with his very being.

I have learned it is important to spend time in prayer and devotional/Bible reading when I am most alert. For me, that is in the morning. Some people function better later in the day. The main thing is to find some time to spend with God.

When we spend time with God, we learn of Him and we begin to trust Him with more and more of our lives. God will guide us when he knows we sincerely spend time with Him in prayer.

Dear Father God: Please allow me to schedule my time with You. I need Your guidance each day. I want to know the way to live that pleases You. I can only know this if I commune with You each day. In the Name of Jesus, I pray. Amen