My wife and I found out that our grandchildren had never been to a county fair (or any other fair, for that matter) before. So when the Scott County (KY) Fair was in session we took the twins and their mother for one night. I am so glad we did. The night got a bit of a rocky start as the forecast was for storms and it was a bit overcast. However, it hadn't started raining yet so we forged ahead with our plans. We got the kids there and we all got stamped so we could go on the rides. We adults weren't so worried about it, but we wanted to make sure the kids were prepared.

The first ride we tried was a full size model of a fire engine that traveled in a circular motion up and down. Grace didn't want to ride it so Patrick and Pawpaw (that's me) got on board. Patrick chattered away, excited about being on the ride. Once the ride stopped he was charged up to find the next one. It didn't take us too long to do so as we came to a little roller coaster train ride just for kids. This time Grace said she wanted to go, too. Within the first few seconds her head was down and the tears had started. Meanwhile, Patrick just beamed.

The next ride Patrick was solo. Grace was in no mood to get on another ride. It was not until we got to the carousel that Grace got on. But she didn't ride a pony. She sat with her mom on one of the seats. My wife stood beside Patrick as he sat astride his pony. It was almost the end of the ride that I saw a smile on Grace's face. For the rest of the evening Patrick rode more rides than Grace, but they did get together and have fun on the moon walk inflatable-bouncy-thing-a-ma-bob. We took a break for supper and the kids got to talk a little about their adventure.

They were both excited with all the sights and sounds. Grace seemed ready to go after supper and she did finally ride one of the ponies on the carousel. All in all, it was a momentous first trip to a county fair. We now know their likes and dislikes as to rides. How long will it be before we know their likes and dislikes as to life matters? How long before they begin to form those resolute opinions children form, especially about Christ. They are young at three years old, but they are learning; and we are all to eager to teach them.

Once a child was brought before Jesus, but His disciples tried to turn it away. "But Jesus said, 'Let the little children come to me, and do not refuse them, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.' " Matthew 19:14 It is never too early to bring a child into the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. After all, we introduce them to music, sports, parties, even county fairs, at very early ages. Surely the securing of a child's soul for eternity is a worthy enough need to compel us to bring them into the presence of the Savior of Calvary.