Lord God Almighty, our Father in Heaven, your holiness overwhelms. Your love endures forever.

Thank you for our daddies.

Thank you for giving them the wisdom when to say yes and when to say no. Thank you for their lovingkindness and their faith. Father, thank you for teaching them so they could teach us.

Thank you, Father, for helping them find a good woman to love and to bear us, the children, for guiding them, for giving them heart attitudes that nurture instead of divide. Thank you for our daddies’ obedience so they can teach us obedience.

Thank you, Father, for the tenderness and mercy in their hearts, and thank you for their patience, understanding, and gentleness.

Lord, without Your example, we would only know the frail, human kind of love. With Your example, we know the huge depth and breadth a heart can fill and overflow with love that is beyond understanding. We know how we can mess up so badly, but Daddy still loves. We know how to treat others. We know how to love You. We know how to worship You. Without that, life would have no meaning or purpose.

Thank you for calling my dad into service for you. Thank you for my Dad, and thank you for keeping him safe in Heaven until I can hug him once again.

Father, for those dads who are not saved by faith through the blood of Your Son, I ask that you open their eyes to see and their ears to hear. For those children who didn’t have a good dad, I ask that they see, hear, and feel the abundance of Your love. Show them Your ways, teach them how to love like You. I ask the same for the children of these dads.

Father, teach them You are on their side and not to fear. To know it is better to trust You than to put confidence in any man. Teach them that You are our strength and song, you alone gift salvation to those who love and trust You. Teach them that Your chastisements are blessings and help our spiritual muscles grow taut with strength.

This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24