Here is one mark of the man or woman who is spiritually mature. You go and seek to bring that person back into line - and you do it gently. If someone does get caught in a sin - if someone stumbles and gets out of step - you who are spiritual should restore him gently.

Also, you are careful that you do not fall into the same trap as they fell into.

We come to the beginning of Galatians Chapter 6.

The safety in life is - keep in step with the Holy Spirit - and walk with those who are walking in step with the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes we will win, and sometimes we will be rejected. Sometimes a person who is caught in a sin may just be wishing for someone from the Christian Fellowship to come and shepherd them back into the safety and security of the fold.

Sometimes you may receive a mouthful. That is why there is a word of warning. Be careful - watch yourself. It is possible to be caught in the very trap that caught them. Paul had been involved in all of this.

This passage is about walking together - serving together. Now remember the background to these verses.

They were on the verge of being divided into Jewish and Gentile denominations. We no longer live as individuals.

We are now members of the Body of Christ - that is an amazing truth - where Jesus Christ is the Head.

As part of the army of God you realise just how much you are needed, as we are all on duty in active service, in the Kingdom of Light. We are becoming more and more aware that this is active service, where our main task is to rescue people out of the kingdom of darkness.

We are taught here to carry each other's burdens. Someone who has fallen in the battle - or wounded in spiritual warfare - may need us to stoop down and get alongside, and lift them up - and even carry them for a while.

When we live and serve like this we will be fulfilling the law of Christ - who said, Love the Lord your God - and Love your neighbour as yourself - and - by this shall all men you are my disciples if you have love one for another.

Some people do not want to be helped, and they resist help. Why?

Pride can prevent us from accepting and embracing help. It is possible to be too proud to call for help and then to receive help. We so often think we can things in our strength – and ‘muddle along’.

Does Jesus Christ want anyone just to ‘muddle along’?

Verses 2,5 in Chapter 6 can at first sight appear contradictory.

‘Burden’ in verse 2 is the word BAROS meaning weight – a burden which is a crushing load – and is too much – too heavy.

‘Burden’ or ‘load’ in verse 5 is PHORTION – like a kitbag – what you are supposed to be carrying. Take your fair share of the responsibilities. That brings us back to the picture of the army – marching together in step with the Holy Spirit.

I used to hear frequently on “The Children’s Panel” about ‘children’s rights’ – I always asked for the list of children’s responsibilities!

“Gracious Father, when I see someone carrying a weight that is almost too heavy -help me to be willing to help – and help me to bear my own burden – to carry my own kitbag – without grumbling or complaining – in Jesus Name.” Amen.