We continue to read in Genesis Chapter 2 and in verses 18 we are given a Divine principle - it is not good for man to be alone. You cannot grow into a mature Christian on your own. We need to have fellowship and communion and intermingling - the one with the other.

God is about to do something about possible or potential loneliness.

You need me to sandpaper you and I need you to sandpaper me. A Christian on his own can get into all kinds of trouble - and can begin to believe all kinds of funny things.

And man is NOT made to commune with the animals or the plants.

There is something wrong if a person is closer to a dog or a cat than another person - or the living God. There is something wrong if a person finds it easier to speak to a dog or a cat, than pray.

Man is to name the animals - the domesticated animals - not the creeping things or the fish. Naming animals and people gives you power.

Jesus was named - and His Names had meaning.

When a woman marries, she lays aside the name of her father, and takes the name of her new head - her husband. Do you see how this is being attacked today? This Ms thing - what is really being said is - I don't want you to know who my head it - or worse - I don't want a head over me!

Once you get away from Genesis, you get away from God's principles which are vital for the welfare and the well-being of society.

As Adam names all these animals he finds no suitable companion for himself among them all. It is not good for man to be alone.

So the Lord God gave Adam an anaesthetic and HE took a piece of tissue and made a woman from the piece of tissue from his side. It does not say rib. God BUILT a woman - that is what it says - just as today Jesus Christ is building a body, the Church. God built a body on that occasion.

Verse 22 - GOD brought her to the man - and Adam goes off into poetry. What Adam really says is - "Wow - this is it!" What can evolutionists make of this?

This is either total nonsense, or it is the work of our Creator God. Male and female were created. We don't need other words for firemen - policemen - postmen! When God created man he made them male and female.

And God ordains MARRIAGE - marriage is the first order in society - and it is the highest - and that is why there is such an assault upon it today. Do you see again what happens when we move away from Genesis?

We are battling with things that have their answer and solution away back in Genesis.

So - get rid of Genesis, and the battle need not be so fierce! When Jesus was asked about MARRIAGE it was to these verses HE turned - and quotes them - Matthew 19 verse 4. He quotes from Chapters 1,2 - that is significant. Jesus knew what was written - and Jesus explains in verse 8 that when God created in the very beginning, He never intended things to go so wrong.

There is no suggestion that Jesus regarded Genesis Chapters 1,2 as myth, legend or allegory - but as historically true. And - Jesus sees no contradictions in these two Chapters.

Marriage has to be seen to be marriage - there has to be a physical leaving before there is a physical cleaving. We have to untie one relationship - before we are united in another. O, how society needs to hear that today.

Get away from the Word and you get into all kinds of social problems - until we hardly know how to cope.

Marriage also takes precedence and priority over all other relationships.

Verse 25 - describes that first marriage - and it is ideal. There is nothing to hide and there is no mistrust. There is no ridicule. Man is living in a uniformly warm climate - with no sin - no shame - and it is only when we get into Chapter 3 that things go so very wrong and the whole scenario changes.

We do not have evolution, but devolution.

What God created and made was good and pure and wholesome. The answer to what went wrong is not - conservation - or peace camps and protest marches - nor even politics. The only real answer is salvation through Jesus Christ the Son of God - because if there is no salvation, there can be no conservation, nor reconciliation - or restoration.

Near the end of his ministry in Acts Chapter 28, Paul spoke from the Law of Moses and the Prophets. With some 30 years experience, Paul relied upon the Scriptures of his day.

"Loving and gracious God - open my eyes so that I may see how many of the questions we may have, have their answers in the Scriptures. Help me to study. Help me to understand. Help me to serve as You would have me serve, in Jesus name. Amen"