In Genesis Chapter 1, we read that unique, beautiful, and powerful sentence - a sentence which can be found nowhere else in the world. “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” Only in God's holy word do we read such a truth.

What a sentence - we must never forget it - and never take it for granted.

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."

In the ancestry of Jesus Christ in Luke Chapter 3, Jesus is traced right back to Adam. Imagine if the ancestry of Jesus Christ, our Saviour Lord and King, had been traced back only to discover that He descended from the trees - that He came from some family of apes or colony of chimpanzees. No! Jesus descended from Heaven - and came to save us from our sin - and rescue us from hell - and no evolved ape or monkey or chimpanzee can do that.

For over 150 years these verses in Genesis Chapters 1 to 3 have been under attack - and a source of doubt and argument - rather than a source of answers and encouragement and reassurance. They should be a source of faith, inspiration, assurance and certainty.

For 150 years the Church of Jesus Christ has been wrestling with this massive topic of evolution - which was made so popular mainly through Charles Darwin's book - "Origin of Species". I wonder how many might think that Charles Darwin was right - and that his theory of evolution was right? How many have been influenced by his writings - without reading the book he wrote? How many have read it? I have only met one person who has actually read that book and that was because it was mandatory reading in a specialised University Course.

Was our world created in 6 days - or did it evolve over 4.6 billion years - now extended to some 13 billion years?

There is a slight discrepancy between the two accounts. Would our bank managers permit such a discrepancy in our financial accounts?

If the first verse of the Bible is a lie - then how reliable is the rest of the Bible? That is basically what it at stake here!

Jesus Christ had no problem whatsoever with Genesis Chapters 1,2 and Jesus quotes from both Chapters.

“Loving Father, show me and teach me how to trust your holy word. Enable me to understand the significance of Creation, even as our Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ, understood the narrative in Genesis. Help me dear God. Amen”