Remain in the Ark - take GOD at His Word – remain in the fellowship of the Church of Jesus Christ. Prepare for the coming again of Jesus Christ. Get ready, by believing in Jesus, and by obeying whatever Jesus asks you to do - no matter how others might regard it as peculiar or old fashioned. We are preparing for the future. When we understand how we are preparing for the future, everything appears to become clearer and more simple. We are reading and studying The Flood in Genesis Chapter 6 to 9.

In II Peter Chapter 2 verses 4,5 - there is no question whatsoever regarding the reality of the Flood - or the consequences of the Flood - or the details of the Flood. Also read 2 Peter 3 verses 6,7, and 10,12.

These eight people are shut in with God - waiting and trusting - going through deep waters - but knowing that GOD was with them.

Notice that there is no mention of feelings, and this is so important for us. Our faith in Jesus Christ depends upon facts - that Jesus Christ died and rose again. Our faith depends upon the FACTS and not upon how we are feeling.

We don't come to worship just when we feel like it - we gather because we love Jesus, and desire to worship Almighty God. We have vowed to serve and obey. We have promised.

Faith makes you sure of the truth, even when you feel terrible.

Faith is to know that Jesus Christ is King - and that Jesus Christ is on the Throne - even when everything else may be going wrong - in your eyes. Have your faith rooted in the facts. Don't be swayed by flimsy feelings, which can go up and down.

We are being presented with FACTS here, and we come to learn the facts so that our faith will grow. Learn more and more of the truth - so that your faith will increase.

The FACTS and the TRUTH are the same irrespective of how I feel.

When we read about The Flood, the Bible makes no mention of feelings but simply presents us with the FACTS. A whole society had come under the judgement of GOD and there is no emphasis upon how God felt about it - or how Noah felt about it.

It is vital to know the facts about our faith - and that we are sure about the facts and that we believe the facts - and then faith can be strong and real - even when the outside forces and pressures might make us feel otherwise.

We read in Genesis Chapter 8 verse 1 – “God remembered NOAH”. Now - this is a FACT! There was no-one else around who could have remembered Noah.

The word ‘remember’ means to RENEW. We say - O we must remember so-and-so - and send them a card. We must renew our relationship with so-and-so. When we come to the Table Jesus says - Do this in remembrance of ME - renew your relationship with ME every time you eat the bread and drink from the cup. God remembered Noah. God is going to get in touch with Noah again. He is going to contact - communicate.

It had been over a year since Noah went into the ARK. He has been so obedient - so patient.

The relationship will be renewed and restored as God takes the initiative and remembers Noah.

Might you be aware of your relationship with God needing to be renewed – or restored – or refreshed? When the risen resurrected Jesus took Peter aside at the Lake of Galilee, Jesus addressed him by the name of Simon. Was Jesus taking him back to the beginning – to where it had started? That can be a painful process.

“Thank you heavenly Father, that you remembered Noah – that you renewed that precious relationship – that it was refreshed – and we thank You for taking the initiative. Loving God, draw close to us, and may we draw as close to You as we can. Help us, as we pray in Jesus Name. Amen”