A prominent citizen is in need – a ruler in the local synagogue – and there is a need in his family – his 12 year old daughter – and a girl of 12 was like what our 21 used to be. She could become engaged and ready to set out on life. We are in Mark Chapter 5 at verse 21.

My daughter is in need of help – come and help – come and heal – he is quite specific. There are times when in prayer we have to be quite specific.

Jairus would be a man of understanding in the community and a man of devotion to God – and for some reason he falls at the feet of a Galilean carpenter.

His daughter is dying – and he comes to Jesus – imagine the excitement in his heart when Jesus agrees to go and answer this request – this prayer.

There is hope in the heart of Jairus.

Jesus was very patient when facing His enemies – He was very patient with His disciples – we saw the in the Storm – very understanding – and in our passage here we see patience and understanding.

Now, in verse 25, we have a woman who came to Jesus. Her condition rendered her as unclean. How can I get though to Jesus? I will wait until He is in a crowd and I will push through to touch the tassel of His clothes – speaking of the robes a rabbi – or of a devout Jew – see the book of Numbers.

She is exhausted – as are her finances – and all the medical options. Not only has she been suffering from this disease but she has been suffering from the cures that did not work.

She was determined. She touched Jesus. What happened? She lost pain. Jesus lost power. Something was transferred from Jesus to her. Health was being transferred. Jesus was giving her what was His.

We need His love – His righteousness – His patience – His blessings and gifts – His wisdom.

She felt one thing. Jesus felt something different.

DUNAMIS – power – dynamite. Health was being transferred – Jesus was giving her what was His – and Jesus has a sensation of draining.

Jesus knew something had happened. Is this not a picture of the vine and the branches?

Who touched Me? The disciples rebuke Him.

You can be in a crowd and not touch Jesus.

You can be in a crowd and not be touched by Jesus.

Was Jesus angry? No – he wanted to get in touch with that person whoever it was.

She told Him the truth, and Jesus told her the truth.

There is nothing special in this tassel, and there is nothing special in My clothes.

Imagine the anxiety in Jairus’ heart – the irritation of the disciples – and the patience and composure of Jesus. Could the chronic condition not wait until later until after Jesus has dealt with the acute emergency?

If these two were in the same emergency room which one would the doctor treat first?

Verse 35 - News comes of what had happened in the home of the ruler of the synagogue. This news does not throw Jesus.

Jesus will not be hurried.

God’s timing frequently challenges ours – and His is always right – always.

Grace rarely operates according our schedule.

Jesus often speaks of death as sleep. If someone is asleep they can be woken up. Jesus used this word when Lazarus died.

Some did laugh at Jesus. Jesus put them out.

Laugh at the wrong time and for the wrong reason you can be put out.

Jesus spoke a word that has never been translated – Little girl – get up – Honey, get up – Jesus uses a familiar pet name for a little girl – a term of endearment.

Jesus is facing the fiercest enemy of the human race, and with such tender power he takes her hand and says, “Come on honey – up you get.”

When you go to Jesus be prepared to received more than you asked – more than you bargained for – more than you expected – and different from what you think the situation might be.

Never be impatient with Jesus – He sees the bigger picture – the whole story – He knows what is going to happen.

Do not walk away from Jesus but let Him take you by the hand.

Is there a foreshadowing of the cross here?

Jesus loses power so that she could be given strength and be healed – on the Cross Jesus lost His life so that we could live for ever.

Peter remembered this in the home of a woman called Dorcas. Acts Chapter 9 verse 40.

These words were burned deeply into the memory of these three men.

Go and give her something to eat.

Jesus gave her mother something to do.

These four incidents are beyond the control of mere man – the Lake and life’s storms – demons – a woman who had been to every doctor and nothing could be done for her – and death.

This is not just a great teacher – a great man – this is God.

This is not just any man.

This is hidden from many. They do not see what is behind the actions and teaching and revelation of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Jesus is in complete control of every situation that is beyond the help of man.

Faith has got to be faith in Someone – not just in something – but in the Son of God, our Saviour and redeemer and Lord.