To grow and develop spiritually, it is essential that we become good stewards of everything God so generously gives us.

A steward is entrusted with the possessions or interests of another.

Each of us has time and treasure and talents, and when these are prayerfully offered to Almighty God, we never know how He will use them, and that can be exciting.

That dispels any notion that the Christian life is dull or boring.

If you want a thrilling life, follow Jesus Christ.

There is no more dynamic leader anywhere, and Jesus never lets you down, disappoints, or fails.

The early followers of Jesus experienced battles and blessing, riots and revival, as these pioneer preachers and teachers proclaimed Christ, having been crucified, but now risen from the dead.

Hand your natural gifts and talents over to Christ and ask Him to make them supernatural. He still can do it, no matter what your age.

Give Him your money too. We must never omit or dodge that one, if there is a desire to mature and develop spiritually.

God’s Word gives us a guide as to what we should give, and that is a tenth of our income, but it is a guide. We are free to give more.

If God gave you ten times what you give God, could you live on it?

When we invest in the Kingdom of God, there are no moths, no thieves, and no corruption.

Many struggle for years with this one. Deal with it now. Get over it today.

Never be stingy when it comes to giving, and don’t give Him your tips, as if He were a waiter, although when we read some of these ‘special messages’ in newspapers, some tend to regard Jesus as a kind of ‘message boy’.

Sandy Shaw
Nairn Christian Fellowship