Our World

In this world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.

John 16:33 (ESV)

Our World As We See It

As we go through life we become more aware of trouble. It comes to the forefront of each newscast and article in the papers. No one is exempt from hearing of riots, demonstrations, or domestic violence.

Case in point: I attend a small prayer cell on Tuesday mornings. Recently, a member told me I needed to be careful when I left my house. Her daughter heard of a stabbing taking place two blocks from my house.

Then, the television news, reported three people killed in one night. These occurred in our capital city. We read of these kinds of tragedies more frequently than before.

The incident down the street from us was a domestic violence issue. That does not diminish the problem of people mistreating others. The details in the newspaper give us light into the tragedy. There are contributing factors. The victim is in a trauma hospital, fighting for her life.

Those killings come about because of a transgression of the law. A law is overlooked and at least two people confront each other. The situation escalates and one of the principles is killed. This scenario is becoming common place in our world.

We Need the Lord

The LORD tells the disciples and us that we will have tribulation. He also tells us He has overcome the world. What does this phrase mean? Simply put, it means that He is always with us no matter the trial.

We need Jesus to guide and direct our every move. God has all things, our movements, behavior, words, and thoughts under His control. Even when we act contrary to God’s ways, He knows it beforehand. It is paramount that we always seek His will for our lives.

When we ask Jesus into our hearts, we give Him carte blanche. He takes us as we are and changes us to resemble Him. We must be willing to allow Christ the freedom to do this.