In these times of turbulence, unrest, and upheaval, we need an anchor to hold our feet on the ground. Each day seems to bring more and more senseless behavior, in my country and worldwide.

Jesus tells us to come to Him and he will give us rest. (Matthew 11:28, NIV) He invites us to share with Him the burdens of our hearts. (Matthew 29-30, NIV)

I attend two small prayer groups that meet each week. The requests of late have been for the unrest of our nation and of the world. We also have concerns about the church leaning toward a cultural Christianity and away from the Christianity of the Bible.

We see people wandering from one belief to that idea and, yet, to another thought as they search for meaning in their lives. They remind me of leaves falling off the trees and the wind blowing them in every direction.

In The Lord’s Prayer, we say the lines, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as well as in heaven.” Do we realize what Jesus meant by this? Do we as His followers take the time to study how this statement would play out in our world if we would follow God’s Will for our individual lives and our nations?

I recently heard of two sisters who had a difficult time growing up. They seem to have made the same choices as their mother made. These sisters have children and seem to have followed in the same path of their mother. One of the children notices these things and could someday soon make a choice that could either change her direction away from this path of hardness or take her into a very different way of life, a positive one. If, at some point in the lives of these three generations of family, someone had introduced the Lord Jesus into the picture, I believe the present or even the future outcome would not be as volatile. I say this about all volitile and tense lifestyles we see in our world.