Last week I talked about the first strategy of the enemy after finding the call and purpose for your life. You will at some point realize the plans of God are not small in any sense of the word. He has a grand plan and purpose to complete on this earth. It is a plan greater than man can comprehend and visualize. But your part, to you, will also be grand and more than you can complete on your own power. After all, God's original plan was to have Mankind dominate the earth.

If you think about it long enough this thought ups the ante'. Dominate! What are you to dominate? It can be many things. Drugs, anger and overeating are a few but that is for another book. For the purpose of this book you are to dominate your call and purpose in this life and you knowing this brings back bad memories to the enemy of your soul. He does not want you to fulfill your purpose and will do what he can to stop you. Yes it sucks but we have inside information that will help us to do the good work God has called us to do.

1. The enemy will try to get you to question Gods word for your life.

2. The enemy will feed you lies about the new you.

3. The enemy will try to get you to repeat the negative thoughts you have of yourself.

Strategy of the Enemy

Today we will cover point two.

2. The enemy will feed you lies about the new you.

The enemy used this tactic also on Eve. Again Genesis 3 gives us a picture of this.

2 And the woman said to the serpent, We may eat the fruit from the trees of the garden, 3 Except the fruit from the tree which is in the middle of the garden. God has said, You shall not eat of it, neither shall you touch it, lest you die. 4 But the serpent said to the woman, You shall not surely die, 5 For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing the difference between good and evil and blessing and calamity.

Eve clearly knew Gods word in this text. She repeated it in verses 2-3 and immediately the enemy countered her with his own version saying, "You shall not surely die."

Let me make a point about this statement. Jesus made the enemy eat his own words when He made the statement in John 10:10, "I came that you might have life and life to the full." Because of Christ we shall not surely die. We can have life in abundance because this is one of the reason Jesus came to earth.

Back to the text.

Then the enemy put the nail in Eve's spiritual coffin saying, "and you will be like God". She was already like God and apparently she didn't have a deep understanding of that fact. I would often get mad at Eve for falling for this twist of words until I realized I'd been falling for the same trickery in reverse. The enemy often told me of my weaknesses and the bible speaks of my strengths. The enemy reminded me of my past and the Spirit of God reminded me I was created in Gods image and likeness. The enemy often called me a loser and the word says I am more than a conqueror. The enemy will go for the jugular of your faith and belief system. Any time you hold on to Gods word he will feed you the lies of your failures, faults and fears. He will try to get you to think of the negative in your life and God's word in your life for this very reason.

Proverbs 23:7 - For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.

If the enemy can keep you thinking about the old you he can keep you living deficient in passion, defeated in life and disappointed in outcomes. This is why it is vitally important to read, study and think about Gods word. To be victorious we must implant and impress Gods word in our thinking and living. This is the warrior’s ammunition against the assault of lies from the enemy. He will attack the word given to you then he'll attack you. Your most powerful defense is to speak the Word of God.

There was a moment in time when you asked Jesus into your heart and to forgive you of your sins. It was only because God called you that you had a chance to do that. But the call wasn’t for salvation for salvations sake. It was a call to be a vessel to do your part to help restore mankind into a right relationship with Father God. Salvation was only the first small step into the life you were created to live.

If you have been lingering at the cross of salvation then it is time to move on to the next level of living. If you have answered the call to repent, you simply have made a commitment to let God turn your thinking and perceptions upside down so He can do a great work in you and through you. Today’s post is to help you see a strategy the enemy uses against you so you will be prepared and aware of what is going on in your heart and head as you grow in wisdom and knowledge.

I urge you to stop lingering at the cross and start moving on to the next level.

The world needs you.

Answer the call.