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God's Words For US

    by Cecelia Lester

Come Thankfully
Date Posted: November 17, 2023

Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving;

Let us shout joyfully with psalms.

Psalm 95:2 (NKJV)

The message in this verse speaks to my heart. We should always look forward to meeting with the Lord, be it in personal or corporate worship.

Our focus should be on giving Him thanks for all the many blessings He has given us.

* Have we had a ‘bad week’, we must thank Him for getting us through it.

* Have we had ill feelings about someone and had to seek that person’s forgiveness? We must give thanks to Him for allowing us to ask forgiveness.

* Have we not been ‘up to snuff’ lately? We must thank Him for bringing us through that lethargic time.

* Have we heard some good news from or about a friend? We must thank God for that kindness He extended to our friend.

* Have we read a book that has touched our hearts? We must thank God for that author or authors.

* Have we read a scripture passage that has spoken to us? We must thank God for His Word and learn to apply it to our lives.

As we approach this Thanksgiving season, let us remember to give thanks to out Father in heaven, as He has made all things possible.

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Biography Information:

Cecelia Lester has been serious about her writing for over two decades..

She composes Christian essays and posts them to her blog

She has  served in a faith-based organization, Grace In Action  by writing two newsletters and searching for possible grants.

In July 2017, she published her first book, 'Times of Trouble Bring Rays of Joy.'

She and her husband of 54 years live in central Indiana. They have one grown son.