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Kids Talk About God

    by Carey Kinsolving

"If I were president, we could eat dessert every day," says a friend who answered this question for a Kids Talk About God Arts Festival.

To balance out the ticket, perhaps the dessert president could have a vice president who could tell us how to lose the added weight from this daily indulgence.

Ricky, 7, would make a good running mate for the dessert president: "I would make it so we don't have to eat broccoli and green beans."

If kids could vote, the dessert/anti-broccoli-and-green-bean ticket would win in a landslide.

"If I were president, I would…  ( Click for more )

"The Lord has protected me by using my dog," says Alan, age 10. "Once a dog almost bit me, but my boxer chased him away. God helps me hide from things, and he helps me by letting my dad be a cop."

You've got a boxer, and your dad is a cop. Why hide from anything?

Even a mighty warrior like King David learned how to hide. What separates the brave from the cowardly is the place of hiding. David wrote in Psalm 27 that even though enemies threatened to eat up his flesh, he would hide in the secret place of God's tabernacle.

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"I try not to get in fights so I won't need protection, and God can go and help someone else who really needs protection," says Taylor, age 9.

Avoiding fights will certainly make your life easier, Taylor, but we all need God's protection for other things.

Of course, it doesn't hurt to be prepared for a bully, says Tucker, 7: "The Lord has protected me by letting me learn tae kwon do, which means 'the way of the hand and the foot.'"

I suppose this could be called the Teddy Roosevelt approach to protection: "Speak softly and carry a big stick."…  ( Click for more )

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