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Word from Scotland

    by Sandy Shaw

It Pays to Choose the Right Guide
Date Posted: July 8, 2024

There are many guides – but our Gracious Almighty God has given us a Book and a Person to lead us and help us make our way through life. Sometimes we are being led and we are unaware of it – things happen and later – sometimes much later – we see the hand of God in our life.

God has given us a guidebook, the Bible – and a personal guide – the Holy Spirit.

Jesus said – “The Father will give you another HELPER who will be with you forever! That Helper is the SPIRIT OF TRUTH. The world cannot accept him, because it doesn't see or know him. But you know him, because he lives with you and will be in you.” John 14verses 16,17 .

God is no longer limited to one location. What does the Holy Spirit do? How do I receive the guidance? How does He guide me? How do I let Him guide my life? What are the benefits? This is one of the most important lessons we can learn in life.

Romans 8 - The mark that you are child of God is that you are led by the Spirit of God. How does the Holy Spirit help me?

He will help me to know what I need to know. We need the truth – we need Jesus and we need to know Jesus and we need to know that Jesus guides us by the Holy Spirit.

John 16 verse13 - “When the Spirit of Truth comes, he will lead you into all Truth.”

Luke 2verse 26 - “It had been REVEALED to Simeon by the Holy Spirit . . .”

Listen to the Holy Spirit – He will help me to get to where I need to go. “The Spirit led Simeon TO GO to the Temple.”

Acts 8 verse 29 - “Then the Spirit told Philip, "Go catch a ride with that chariot.”

Listen to the Holy Spirit – He will help me say the right things.

Mark 12verse 36 “The Holy Spirit led David TO SAY . . .”

Matthew 10 verses 19,20 “. . . do not worry about what to say or how to say it. At that time you will be given WHAT TO SAY, for it will not be you speaking, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you.”

Know the Holy Spirit – He will help me wait for God’s perfect timing.

Galatians 5 verse 5 – “We are led by the Spirit TO WAIT in the confident hope of righteousness through faith.”

Joseph had to wait 14years – and – Jesus waited 18 years from the time of that visit to Jerusalem at the age of 12, until HE was baptised by JOHN at the age of 30.

Listen to the Holy Spirit – He will help me resist things I cannot normally resist .

Make friends with the Holy Spirit.

Galatians 5 verses 17,18 - “The desires of self-indulgence are always in opposition to the Spirit, and the desires of the Spirit are in opposition to your self-indulgence . . . which keep you prevented from doing the things that you want to. But when you are led by the Spirit, you are not in bondage to the Law.”

The Holy Spirit’s power is much stronger than ‘will power’. We will continue to be tempted – an attraction is not an action – just because something may attract us – or even tempt us – that is not a sin.

As we listen to the Holy Spirit He will help us avoid dangers and mistakes. God warns us and cautions us and corrects us – as well as encouraging us. The Holy Spirit protects us – sometimes He warns you – do not dare do that – do not go down that road. I am most likely to hear the Holy Spirit when I am relaxed – not when I am fearful or anxious or tense or worrying.

Psalm 16 verse 7 – “I praise the Lord, because he guides me, and counsels me - and in the night my conscience warns me and instructs me.”

Acts 16 verses 7 to 10 – We read of how - “The Holy Spirit prevented Paul and his team from going to certain parts of Asia – God wanted them to break out into Europe.” – and I close today’s piece remembering how verse 9 played such a crucial and important part in my young life.

“Loving Father – we thank you that You are a loving Father – we thank You for the guidance Jesus gives us – and we praise and thank You these ways in which the Holy Spirit leads us. Help us to read and study these passages from the Scriptures. Thank You for every good and perfect gift. Gracious Father, in Jesus’ name, we pray.” Amen.

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Biography Information:

Alexander 'Sandy' Shaw is pastor of Nairn Christian Fellowship in Nairn, Scotland. Nairn is 17 miles east of Inverness - on the Moray Firth Coast - not far from the Loch Ness Monster!

Gifted as a Biblical teacher, Sandy is firmly committed to making sure that his teachings are firmly grounded in the Word.

Sandy has a weekly radio talk which can be heard via the Internet on Saturday at 11:40am, New Orleans time, at