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Devotional: February 5th

"If thou seek him he will be found of thee." - 1 Chronicles 28:9.

Observe, there is an " if " in the case. The prize exhibited is obtainable on a condition. There is a glorious certainty; but it exists only in a particular path.

If thou seek him. The words stop with thee. It does not glance by thee to another. The question is not, " What shall this man do?" - "Are there many that be saved?" But, "Wilt thou seek Him? Unless thou canst distinctly prove that he has been found of thee, this word will not let thee go. Its errand from heaven is to thee, and it must take back a report from thee.

If thou seek him. Not inquire about him, read about him, hear about him, desire him; but seek him. Seek him in his word, - with expectation, - with faith, - with prayer, - with obedience, - with perseverance; in his providences; in his people; in the new operations of your own heart; in the monitions of the Spirit.

If you seek Him. The chiefest among ten thousands. The Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the valley. God manifest in the flesh. The fountain of life. Even Him whose commandments you have broken; whose curse you deserve; whom angels adore; who upholdeth all things; who is unsought, a consuming fire, but who is, when sought, a God of love.

He will be found of thee. He will not send his angel to console thee. He will not refer you to some created mediator; nor to his works, his benefits. He, the infinite One, in whom are all conceivable and inconceivable treasures of blessing, he will be found of thee.

He will he found of thee. He is willing to be found. If he is not in the fore-ground of your possessions, it is simply that your desire for him may be expressed in search. He will be found, certainly. The thing is beyond all doubt; for you seek him. Let this assurance sustain you under present disappointment and privation.

Of thee. Yes, even of thee. Why not? The greatest saints that ever lived were as mean in origin, as poor in resources, as obnoxious to wrath, as plagued with an evil heart, as unbelieving as thou art. All thy opprobrious characteristics do not equipoise this one new and blessed peculiarity that thou seekest him.


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