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Ask fifty people to finish the statement "Live As If" and you are likely to get fifty different answers. For Christians it will mean something different than for non-Christians. Incorporated into the top graphic are the answers given by friends of mine. It is our desire that your answer will be different each time you visit.

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  • Keeping the Cross in Christmas
         ''Winging It' from Stan Smith

    We all know that Christmas and Christ are too easily separated these days. Has been for some time. It's about "the season", a "feeling in the air", a "sense of good will", a family thing. It's lights and decorations and trees and presents. It's good deeds and all that good stuff. It's "What can I get?" and all that bad stuff. And every Christian knows to some extent that we need to work to keep Christ in Christmas. You may go to the extreme of skipping gifts and decorations (good luck with that) or just work at keeping Him central in all your…

  • Limited Confidentiality
         'The Way' from Kevin Pauley

    A gossip goes around revealing a secret, but the trustworthy keeps a confidence. - Proverbs 11:13 HCSB We have all seen the cop shows where a criminal confessed something to a priest that was critical to the case, but the priest believed he couldn’t reveal the key piece of evidence for fear of breaking the “sanctity of the confessional.” Unfortunately, many Christians have formed their views on the issue of confidentiality more out of what they have learned off the television than out of the Bible. Obviously, an elder would not make for a very popular…

  • Wash Your Heart (Jeremiah 4:14)
         'Today's Little Lift' from Jim Bullington

    There is a reason why Jeremiah is called the weeping prophet! There is a reason why the shorter of his two books is called Lamentations [Weepings]! Our study today will examine a passage from the book of Jeremiah and just how relevant his preaching was and still is! Here is the setting – Jerusalem was awash with sin and deception. At the head of the list of the deceivers were the priests and prophets! Their lust and pride had eaten them up! This was behind God’s decision to bring Jerusalem (as it currently existed) to a quick end. His promises of peace and prosperity…

  • Jesus Christ Comes and Touches and Deals With a Crisis
         'Word from Scotland' from Sandy Shaw

    In Matthew Chapter 8, Jesus comes from these slopes, not far from Capernaum, where he has been teaching the Sermon on the Mount, and a man approaches Jesus. We are told that he is full of leprosy – covered with leprosy – Luke 5. Think of the pain - isolation - ostracism……

  • Are you in a Dark Place?
         'Refreshment in Refuge' from Gina Burgess

    Have you come down with an illness? Has silence descended into your marriage? Have you lost your job? Have you lost your church position? Have you been rejected by your peers at work or by your boss? Have your finances taken a slide downhill? Have you had to quit your job in order to take care of elderly parents, or a sick child? There once was a fish that God had appointed to do a great service for Himself and to Jonah. Sometimes God puts us in the dark place so that we can realize what God has known all along. Sometimes the belly of the fish is the only place where we can come…

  • The Prayer Chair
         ''Christ in You...'' from Dale Krebbs

    How do you position yourself when you pray? When you pray, its easier to be open, honest, real and unpretentious before God if you are comfortable physically as much as possible. When the disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to pray, He did not mention position. At another time, He did specify an enclosure of privacy, but not a position in the enclosure ("prayer closet"). There are some who cannot bend their knees, literally. They are physically unable to do so. Their prayers and petitions, and worship MUST come from their heart, not their knees. Many who are otherwise…

  • The Rearview Mirror
         'Inspiration For You' from Randy Mitchell

    I read a book one time about ways of discovering your life’s meaning. It was informative, and filled with lots of ideas and methods of taking your existence into positive territory. And one of the areas I enjoyed most was an exercise in listing at least ten of your biggest moments so far—those trinkets in time helping shape who you are and that left the greatest impressions. For everyone, those experiences can be both, good and bad; a divorce or bad breakup, childhood bully, death of someone you loved. Or maybe it was the thrill of graduating from college, getting your…

  • Bible and Quote - August 25-29
         'Bible verse and quote' from Jan Couns

    (after the death of their son of adultery) David went and comforted his wife Bathsheba. .they conceived a son. When he was born they named him Solomon (who would become the next king of Israel). 2 Samuel 12:24a Most laws condemn the soul and pronounce sentence. The result of the law of my God is perfect. It condemns but forgives. It restores - more than abundantly – what it takes away. Jim Elliot Now the Lord loved (Solomon) and sent word through Nathan the prophet, and he named him Jedidiah (chosen beloved one) for the Lord’s sake. 2 Samuel 1324c, 25 …

  • Marriage should be honored by all... Hebrews 13:4
         'Point of Reference' from Fred Price

    The self-proclaimed forces for social change, led by the likes of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie – who years ago swore off marriage on the Ellen DeGeneres show until “everyone in this country has the right to marry” – often speak to the “plight” of gay and lesbian lovers who are……

  • The Newness of Life
         'God's Words For US' from Cecelia Lester

        Or do you not know that as many of us as were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into His death? Therefore, we were buried with Him through baptism into death, that just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in the newness of life. Romans……

  • Will Makes the Difference
         'Chip Shots from the Ruff of Life' from Tom Kelley

    Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player have long been linked as two of the "Big Four" of the older set in golf. Between them they have almost thirty major championships. Both of them have had countrymen whose swings were buttery smooth and nearly picture perfect. And both of them have wondered what they could have done with the physical blessings of their countrymen had they been given them. Their comments have been grist for the golf tabloids and served as excellent fodder for replies from the targets of their comments. Jack Nicklaus is undeniably the greatest golfer who ever lived…

Daily Devotionals
Someday I plan to write an article called, "You know you're getting old when..." I know, someone has probably already written it. As the popular response is today...whatever! I never thought I'd say this, but that word carries a world of meaning. Of course it depends on how it's said and why as to the reaction of those receiving it.Two people are involved in a heated argument. One feels that their point is crystal clear. The other responds that they…
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Proverbs 10:21 - The lips of the righteous feed many, But fools die for lack of understanding.
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From heaven even the most miserable life will look like one bad night at an inconvenient hotel. - St. Theresa (1515-82)
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Genesis 34; Psalms 26; Luke 19:28-48:
When Shechem the son of Hamor the Hivite, the prince of the land, saw her, he took her and lay with her by force. He was deeply attracted to Dinah the daughter of Jacob, and he loved the girl and spoke tenderly to her. So Shechem spoke to his father Hamor, saying, "Get me this young girl for a wife." Now Jacob heard that he had defiled Dinah his daughter; but his sons were with his livestock in the field, so Jacob kept silent until…
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