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Devotional: September 29th

We have recently undertaken sprucing up the old church building in some places; most notably the children's worship area and the hallway leading down to it. That's not to say that the paint scheme in those areas was drab, but we thought, uh, well, you see… Okay. The paint scheme was drab. What we hope to do is add some interest in the youth area by adding some interest in the paint scheme. By the end of this week the walls will be multicolor with the information concerning the youth worship on the walls.

The colors that we are using are a medium gray for the top portion (which took the most work to paint due to the vast amount of wall space it takes in), a nice not-too-bright blue for the bottom portion (which we do this morning) and a dark red (which will comprise a sixteen inch wide band all the way down the hallway and around the actual worship area). I am sure that there will be some raised eyebrows when people walk in and see the newly painted walls and a somewhat newly declared purpose for our youth.

What's going to be the most difficult part to paint is the lettering that will run through the center band of paint. I have borrowed a couple of ideas for naming our youth emphasis. I won't say who the person is that I am borrowing them from but he is in youth ministry in Kenosha, Wisconsin and his parents live in Georgetown, Kentucky. But back to the lettering. It will serve as a running leader for people to the worship area. The red band will contain the name of the youth ministry emphasis kind of directing people down the hallway to the basement where the youth worship area is.

Our painting supervisor is actually a professional painter. John Vickers is one of our men in the church and he has fallen in love with the colors we have for the project. He is a hard working man and expects no less from his charges as they work with him. This morning one of our elders, Leighton Johnson, will be joining us to help paint. It should be neat working with these two guys. I don't get to work with people older than me that often. John's fifteen to twenty years older than me while Leighton is just a couple of years. What has brought us together is the purpose.

The early church is an excellent model of this point. "Now all who believed were together and had all things in common, and sold their possessions and goods, and divided them among all, as anyone had need." Acts 2:44, 45 Look past the selling and the goods and you see that they had all things in common. Their purpose, their direction, their desire; it was shared by all. Leighton was not asked to help with the painting. He asked to help after coming in and seeing us working yesterday morning. When the purpose is clear and the direction is stated, the desire of the kingdom should be as one person.

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