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Devotional: May 28th

Perks. Most of you know what those are. They're the difference makers in pay packages when the wages are close and a choice must be made between two jobs. Perks are the important things that make income really income. Things like having your health insurance covered, complete with a dental and vision plan. Or having a rental car provided for you to drive in your work.

Speaking of rental cars, professional golfers oftan have courtesy cars provided for them for the various tournaments in which they compete. Sometimes those cars are just common automobiles. Sometimes they are extraordinary automobiles. Such was the case at the 2003 Wachovia Championship in Charlotte, North Carolina.

PGA Tour players were given Mercedes-Benz automobiles for courtesy cars along with a special number to call for police escorts when needed. Occasionally, due to heavy traffic in the morning, tour players get caught in traffic and run the risk of missing their morning tee times. More than once a tour player has had the assistance of the boys in blue to get them to the tournament in time to make a scheduled tee time.

At the Wachovia, several players had already caught the eye of the police in Charlotte. A note posted in the locker room asked players to slow down and obey the posted speed limits and other traffic control signs. One part of the note read, "Police have observed a number of courtesy cars exceeding the speed limit and being operated in an unsafe manner."

Many Christians get confused about God's "perks." Take forgiveness. There are those Christians who feel that God expects them to sin because they are still human after all. Just because God can forgive it does not make sin a perk. "Be renewed in the spirit of your mind, and...put on the new man which was created according to God, in righteousness and true holiness." Ephesians 4:23, 24 Sorry, but if you're "created according to God," sin doesn't fit.

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