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Devotional: February 4th

Ever wonder where you fit in in the grand scheme of things? Whether or not your life means anything to anyone else? We have a marvelous lady in our congregation at the Minorsville Christian Church. She is the mother of one of our Senior Saints. And she has been wondering where she fits in. She asked that very question the other day. "Why am I still here, preacher?" She is 96.

I looked into the eyes of that dear sweet lady. Those eyes had seen much in their time; twenty presidents, two world wars, countless friends who have come and gone, as well as loved ones whose memories she now cherishes. And over that period of time there has been the understanding of the worth that is assigned to events and people; their impact on the world. This sweet old lady was asking if she still has worth.

"If you were not here right now," I told her, "then I would never have the privilege to meet you and talk with you." She brightened a bit. There are so many people whose lives could mean something to others. Not neccesarily the deep impact of life shattering or life altering influence, but the subtle decorating of a part of life which has possibly been ignored. The simple friendship that can be formed with a person of seemingly insignificant means or abilities may be just the one that makes the difference between fulfillment and frustration in life for them.

Take a long look around your neck of the woods. Do you see people who seem insignificant? Do you see people who are there but trying hard not to be seen or noticed? Jesus was passing through Jericho one day when He noticed a little man perched in the boughs of a sycamore tree. He could have passed right on by and ignored the man, but He chose to recognize not just his presence, but also the man himself.

Jesus called the man by name and told him to come down for He wished to stay at his house that day. The situation became life changing as the man confessed that he had swindled people out of their money through shady business practices as a tax collector. "Today salvation has come to this house, because he also is a son of Abraham; for the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost." Luke 19:9, 10 Who's life might we save, or at least brighten, by noticing them today?

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