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Devotional: March 2nd

I used to work in radio. As such, I am a fond fan of "WKRP In Cincinnati". Every now and then episodes show up on TV Land and I get to watch that whole goofy ensemble work their magic again. From Mr. Carlson, the station owner, right down to Bailey Quarters, the traffic lady, I appreciated them all. Even Herb Tarlek in his own warped way.

But my favorite had to be Les Nessman, the newsman. Les was probably the most forthright and honest of the group. He was proud of his Buckeye NewsHawk award. The one thing you noticed with Les was that he was just a tad slow on the uptake. Les wasn't the brightest bulb in the plant, but he was eager to do what he enjoyed the most; report the news.

He purveyed the news wires for those tidbits which he thought would be of interest to the people of Cincinnati. Granted, sometimes he would butcher the names of places. Terre Haute became tarry hah-oo-tay and the state of Chihuahua, Mexico became chih-hooah-hooah. Still Les pressed onward for that one news worthy item that would touch the heart of Cincinnati. He worked with a passion. He gave his best.
And the news was reported.

God doesn't ask for us to be the brightest, the richest, the strongest, the handsomest. He just wants our personal best. He wants the best we can be, with His help, through the Lord Jesus Christ. To prove this Jesus recruited from all walks of life. From the shores of Lake Tiberias he chose fishermen. From the town square he chose a tax collector. From the back streets he chose a radical revolutionary. Each one called to be their personal best.

He gave them all they needed to be succesful for Him. He has done the same for us. He has given us His Spirit and His Word. He has given us His name and His promise. All so that we might stand with the apostle Paul and say, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13 We may butcher the name Mahershalalhashbaz, but we'll report the "good news" of salvation through Christ Jesus with a passion.

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