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Devotional: April 15th

What a Hoax

Over the years there have been many men and women who have perpetrated hoaxes for their seeming benefit. Most of them have been found out. The reason I say most of them is because those that haven't been found out yet are not yet known to be perpetraters of hoaxes. Get the picture? One I would like to share with you is Wilhelm Voight.

Voigt was sent to prison in 1891 in Germany for robbery and released in 1906. As a result of his imprisonment he had lost his identity card and passport and was penniless. But he had his wits. He remembered how he used to mimic the Prussian soldiers of his bootmaking days and decided to buy a secondhand army suit and pretend to be a Prussian captain. He dressed up in his outfit and went to a local army barracks and found a corporal and five privates and started barking orders. Five more men were enlisted to aid the little army in their quest.

Their quest? To take the town of Kopenick. Which they did. They arrested the mayor, took over all communications and siezed the town coffers. Voigt helped himself to 4,000 marks from the treasury and them quietly slipped away. Nine days later he was captured and arrested. The story made international headlines and became a source of embarrassment for the nation.

There is a story about another man who people claim has perpetrated a hoax. There is a small problem. The very people who accuse this man of a hoax also call him a good man. But how can a man who perpetrates a hoax be called good? Especially when the hoax has caused the needless loss of thousands upon thousands of lives over the years of those who have believed this man's hoax.

The man is Jesus. The hoax is His claim to be the Son of God. The world wants Him to be a good man of great principles of peace and love. But good men don't lie. Men who bring peace don't cause death for those who receive it. A man who loves doesn't deceive. "You say rightly that I am a king. For this cause I was born, and for this cause I have come into the world, that I should bear witness to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth hears my voice." John 18:37 Jesus claims His hoax is the truth. What do you think?

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