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Devotional: April 29th

I remember warm summer weekends with my father back in Jeffersonville, Ohio. He would have a project and I would be his co-worker. We would start early in the morning, right after breakfast, and work until lunchtime or beyond if needed. Dad always wanted to get something done rather than leave it for even the briefest of pauses.

He and I have built sidewalks, workshops, picnic tables and cabinets. When we got done we knew that we were not the best at what we just completed, but we had done it right and it worked. And we had done it together as Father and Son. No matter how slightly imperfect it might have been (and the imperfections were there, often cleverly disguised by paint) we had worked together and accomplished a project.

Hard work is laborious if it is singular. Working with someone is always more rewarding than for someone. Accomplishments achieved together are all the sweeter than those that result in a seeming brag of personal skill. Hard work often comes with a reward that is half accomplishment and half amazement. Two absolutely must work together if they are to achieve a common goal.

Then we have the church. In smaller congregations there are often disagreements concerning how something ought to be done. While the agreement is that a certain goal must be met, how that goal should be met is often the sticking point. In too many instances effort is dispelled to prove that one's how is better than another's even to the point of a lack of cooperative effort.

"Can two walk together unless they are agreed?" Amos 3:3 The point of understanding in this has often been the agreement part. However, the true measure is in the challenge, "can two walk together?" Are two walking together if they are not working together diligently? The apostles of Jesus were all working but on singular motives and with discord. After being united in the resurrection they stood as one and declared the gospel. Is the voice of your church one voice for the gospel? Are you working hard for the gospel...together?

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