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Devotional: May 13th

This morning I am listening to automobiles running outside in their driveways to warm them up. It's cold this morning and somewhat icey. The temperature is thirty-one degrees and it has been drizzling rain all night. With that in mind I find it rather odd that these neighbors of mine are running their cars to get them warm enough to drive to work. Why? They all have garages.

Every house on our street has a two car garage. That's twenty-five houses with two car garages on this street and seventeen of them have cars sitting in the driveway. It makes absolutely no sense to me. Just yesterday I heard a neighbor remark that he hates winter because he always has to clean his car in the mornings. I asked, "Why? You have a garage."

During the summer months I got to see the contents of some of those garages as I would drive home. We live at the end of our street so every house would be in full view for me as I drove past it. At least a third of the homes would have their garage doors up revealing the contents of their garages. And the odd thing is they would be sitting in their garage door opening drinking iced tea and reading something while listening to the radio.

Everything from boxes upon boxes of unknown items to massive pieces of furniture would be on display. A couple of them even had boats. Now winter is here and they are cursing the winter because they have to clean their cars off and warm them up before leaving for work. I say, "Use your garage for what it was designed. Put your car in it." Which brings me to my word to you.

Use prayer for what it was designed. Maintain constant contact with your Heavenly Father. Most people use prayer as a crutch and complain as they struggle through life facing day to day situations without any power or understanding. It's short and sweet but to the point. "Pray without ceasing." 1 Thessalonians 5:17 Quit warming your soul outside God's garage.

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