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Devotional: May 22nd

The wildcat is a predator. It makes its livelihood off the carcasses of animals it is able to capture. One of those animals is the rabbit. Or, as many people are prone to refer to them, the bunny. Wildcats in many regions have become very adept in getting the bunny every time and miss few if any. Last night I watched in horror as an entire bevy of wildcats missed getting bunny after bunny. In the end they were still able to secure a gamecock.

The wildcats I watched were the University of Kentucky Wildcats men's basketball team. The "bunnies" they missed were layups, which, in basketball parlance, are referred to as "bunnies" because they are so easy to make. UK missed enough bunnies last evening to threaten their ability to win the game against the University of South Carolina Gamecocks. But they won.

Layups are those shots the teams normally perform as they come out of the locker room and onto the floor before the game for warmups. The player dribbles all the way to the basket and jumps up to lay the ball into the basket either off the backboard or over the front of the rim; hence "layup". It may not have the attraction of a jump shot, hook shot or slam dunk, but it is supposed to be the easiest shot in basketball to make.

Player after player last night missed their layups and the Gamecocks usually got the rebound and went the other way and scored. Amazing, a game almost lost due to doing what should be the automatic, the easy, the bunny. How many Christians blow the easy part of Christianity? How many Christians miss the one thing that is most easily accomplished? How many Christians skip church?

Church attendance is a layup. You get up, you get dressed, you go to church. Simple. But then there's the in-your-face attitude from others, the slight jostle of the life by an elder, or someone has the audacity to actually try to stop you by showing up at your doorstep as a guest before church time. And you don't go. "Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching." Hebrews 10:25 If you can't make the bunny, why should God trust you with anything else?

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