Daily Devotionals

Devotional: May 14th

It's just one day away. Tomorrow is Christmas. Hopefully tomorrow my family will be together to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus called the Christ. My son is to leave from Wisconsin today after supposedly being ready to leave on Wednesday. The snow storm in Indiana has kept him from coming thus far. Join me in praying that he, and others, make safe journeys to their homes for that special time of the year. As for you good folk;

It's Christmas time once again, time to remember a birth.
Time to remember the one who received gold, frankincense and myrhh.
Time to recall the virgin lass whose world was turned upside down.
Time to remember the husband and the trek to their ancestral town.
Time to remember a crowded inn and the innkeepers gracious consent.
Time to remember the birth that night, the one that we call the Advent.
Time to remember an angelic choir excitedly extolling their praise
for the blessed baby born that day, the one they one day would raise
on a cross so cruel, so brutal, so vile that people would weep by its side.
There the baby would die for the sins of the world, even the ones the world wants to hide.
So celebrate with gifts and lights for both share truth that needs sharing
of the baby born in a humble stall who one day would die, caring
for the need of mankind, the greatest need; the need for forgiveness and salvation.
The need that touches every man, woman and child; the need that touches every nation.
For Jesus was born, born to die. Born to save all people.
So rejoice this day, rejoice and be glad there's a cross on top of a steeple.
For without that cross this Christmas time would be nothing more than a day.
Rejoice, for it is Christmas time; the time God showed us the Way.

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