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Devotional: June 3rd

"Size matters." We hear that quite often. Also, "dynamite comes in small packages." In the world of animals the size adage seems to hold true. A small cat can scratch you very badly. But a big cat can literally eat you. The small lizards that scamper all over the houses in the south are totally harmless. The big boys that occupy the streams, ponds and swamps of the south; well, let's just say people can disappear if they choose the wrong swimming hole.

From the plodding elephant to the tank-like rhinoceros to the snow white polar bear, size does carry its own benefits in power and intimidation. Pandas, for all their cute looks with the multi-colored fur, are still bears and have been known to kill humans. If it's large and wild chances are it is best left alone and given a wide berth.

Then there are those critters that are so small that they seem so insignificant. Perhaps the most dangerous creature on the planet is the granddaddy longlegs spider. Its venom is so toxic it could kill humans if released in sufficient amounts. Our salvation as humans is that their fangs are so small that they cannot penetrate human skin. But those of the Brown Recluse and the Black Widow can and do.

Bottom line is, size doesn't really matter. Most killer diseases are micoorganisms that infiltrate our bodies and grow and take over. They are not even visible to the naked eye. The things that can kill the body of Christ in His different locations around the world can be both large and small as well. The small things are just as deadly.

"But now you must also put off all these; anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy language out of your mouth." Colossians 3:8 Not the biggies of murder, adultery and stealing; but the little things that can seep into a congregation and fester and grow until they divide the family of God and render His kingdom all but worthless. Size doesn't matter when it comes to sin. A dead Christian is a dead Christian regardless.

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