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Devotional: September 18th

Our congregation held an ice cream social last evening. The fellowship hall was full. Right before divvying up the ice cream we played a Bible character game in which three of us were quizzed as to who we were and the only answers we could give were "yes" and "no." It was fun. And it reminded me of a much gentler time when the church was still fairly well ensconced in people's social calendar to the point that the church received the primary consideration when planning family matters. It wasn't that long ago.

I had the esteemed privilege of serving as the preacher for a lovely group of people who comprised the White Oak Christian Church in Bath County, Kentucky, from 1972 through 1974. The church had been established in 1828 by Asa Maxey, a cohort of Raccoon John Smith who had a home in nearby Owingsville. The two had been working together in the general area and Brother Maxey had headed out towards the little region known as Pittsburgh to preach a revival. The people who responded to the invitation at that revival formed the nucleus of what is now the White Oak Christian Church.

The good folk of the congregation there just loved to get together and do things. We would have all sorts of special meetings and functions, but the ice cream socials were the ones most seemed to favor. One of the farmers would bring in a flatbed wagon and park it in the church yard on a Sunday afternoon. About a half hour before the people were to show up all those who were making homemade ice cream would get there with their ice cream makers and get started.

As people showed up there would always be those who wanted to take a turn cranking the ice cream makers. The people who had started cranking those things were ready for a rest. It was just about time for the ice cream to be done and the cranks were turning a tad tougher. Those who didn't make ice cream brought cakes and pies and cookies. After everyone had stuffed themselves then it was my turn. I was the one they all trusted to bring the devotional thought.

One elderly gentleman was particular fond of one scripture that I used in one of my devotional thoughts. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths." Proverbs 3:5, 6 It was a simple truth for a simple time. Guess what? It is still a great truth today. We just have to take a step backward in our scheduling processes and let that simple truth be alive for us again.

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