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Chip Shots from the Ruff of Life

Devotional: November 18th

The Status of Blood

Price. What something costs to have it. A local business here in the Bluegrass uses the word price in all its advertising claiming that, "Price sells cars." Of course it does. All things being equal who wouldn't want the product with the lower price? Ah, but there's the rub. There are those who would. There are those who are so product name conscious that price means nothing in choosing the right article for use. It's the name of the brand on the object that means everything.

I have played a lot of golf with guys who buy high-priced golf equipment. Many of them, who are my height and playing ability, have hit my clubs and love them until they find out that they are not name brands. They would rather play a set of name brand golf clubs that cost a lot than play what I make which would be fitted to them and cost sixty percent less. The reason? Status. Ah yes, status. The question, "What are you playing?", is a matter of status when you're standing on the first tee. Odd thing is, it doesn't mean you have great playing ability, it just means you have money.

A friend of mine has a son-in-law who has to wear a certain kind of dress shirt. If it doesn't have that certain little emblem on the left vest of the shirt he doesn't wear it even if you were to buy it and give it to him. My friend even offered to buy him some Jos. A. Banks dress shirts. His response? "Nothing against you, Mom, but I only wear (this certain brand name) shirt. Thanks, but no thanks." Again, it is not a matter of great sartorial taste as much as a matter of money.

Last evening my wife and I went to the local Golden Corral Restaurant for supper. We had not been there for some time and my wife likes their chicken. Face it, my wife likes chicken period. Funny thing is about that restaurant; the people who live in the adjacent upscale subdivision were upset that it was built next to them. One of them told my wife and me that he wished it was going to be a Red Lobster or some other really nice restaurant instead of a smorgasboard. Once again, status. They have more money than others and want their area to reflect that.

Enter Judas Iscariot. This was Judas' problem. Judas was impressed with money and felt odd traveling with a group that didn't seem overly concerned about having any. Most of these men had left paying jobs, some very lucrative, to follow Jesus. Nothing is said of what Judas left to be a part of the handpicked twelve. But to Judas money equated with status. His final act was one of gaining money using Jesus to do so as he sold Jesus' whereabouts to the Jewish authorities. In shame he returned the money hoping to buy Jesus' freedom but could not. He left the money and hanged himself. Matthew 26:14-16, 47-56; 27:3-10 Bottom line? The blood of Jesus is more valuable than all the status one can buy; and it's free.

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