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Devotional: December 1st

First ABC gave us "Dancing With The Stars." Now, from FoxTV, we have "Skating With The Stars." I feel like I have to side with a few of my friends on the opinion that "Skating" is a much more difficult situation for stars than "Dancing." The majority of those who are on "Dancing" have, at one point or another (with the exception of Master P), danced in a formal setting what with all the awards shows and red carpet venues that they have opportunities to attend.

However, with the exception of Dave Coulier (of "Full House" fame) who has a background in hockey, most stars' ice skating has been confined to brief moments at winter getaways where skiing is more the mode of exercise than ice skating. The whole ice skating gig is so totally out of their realm of comfort that they are immediately intimidated by it. After watching the proceedings for a few weeks I have come to the conclusion that the teams with female stars will probably survive much better than those with the male stars.

Todd Bridges, "Willis" of "Diff'rent Strokes" (yes, THAT Willis) and his professional partner went out with the first vote. However, rock diva Debbie Gibson was eliminated next mainly due to her inability to get rid of her fears of what happens on skates. Just last evening, the two lowest vote getters were Dave Coulier and Nancy Kerrigan (sensational figure skater but never competed in pairs skating) and Bruce Jenner (former Olympic champion in the decathlon) and Tai Babilonia (former gold medalist in pairs figure skating with Randy Gardner). Coulier and Kerrigan were eliminated.

Jenner is the mystery of the two. He was a tremendous athlete who accomplished his Olympic feats without the usual athletic fluidity of champions. He was a gritty gutsy guy who put his all into everything he did on the track and in the field and won the gold medal in the '76 Summer Olympics. As a result of his determination and dedication to a single goal he was given the Sullivan Award as the top amateur athlete of 1976. He received the award on this very day in 1977, outpolling two Olympic mates, figure skater Dorothy Hamill (now a judge for "Skating") and swimmer John Naber. That same grit and determination has served him well on "Skating."

How about us? No, not competing in "Skating With The Stars" but competing in life against our adversary, the devil. Do we display grit and determination or do we stay with the things that are easiest for us? Do we move into ministries that accent our personal interests and abilities (some groups call them gifts) or do we step into those ministries that require something of us? That was the problem with the Rich Young Ruler (Matthew 19:16-22). He sought the easy way out for his hope of everlasting life. But the ministry Jesus gave him was to bless the poor with his own riches and then suffer for the kingdom. What was that again that you say God is calling you to do?

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