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Devotional: June 2nd

Today’s Reading: Esther 5-8

“If I perish, I perish.”

Esther 4:15

As we read this history of Esther going in before the king, full of fear, doubt, and a thousand misgivings, we call to mind the state in which many of God’s elect go in before King Jesus seeking mercy. And as we behold the kindness and complacency with which Ahasuerus received Esther, our hearts must surely be moved to contemplate the everlasting mercy, love, and grace the Lord Jesus shows to all mercy beggars at the throne of grace. Coming to Christ in faith, we now blush with shame to remember that we once feared coming to him.


Esther went in before the king uncalled and contrary to the law. Yet she found favor. But every poor sinner who knows his need of Christ is called, invited, even commanded to come. The golden sceptre of our great Sovereign is always held out in mercy. Our God is God who waits to be gracious and delights in mercy! Sinners have no uncertainty, no “ifs,” or “maybes” respecting our reception at the throne of grace.

We have no Hamans to oppose us. Satan the adversary, who stands to resist God’s Joshuas, is perpetually rebuked and silenced by our mighty Michael, the Lord Jesus! We have a sure, successful, all-prevailing Advocate with the Father, who ever lives both to plead our cause and to secure our acceptance.

Holy Boldness

Oh for grace always to come to the throne of grace with holy boldness, not in slavish fear and chains of bondage! The redeemed of the Lord ought always to come to God as those whom the Son of God has made free, as the sons of God. If we draw near by the blood of the cross, we may draw near with joyful confidence. If we come to God in Christ’s name, trusting his blood and righteousness, his merit and his person as our only access to the thrice holy God, we have every reason to come, not as Esther, saying, “If I perish, I perish,” but with confident assurance.

Mordecai’s Honor

King Ahasuerus asked Haman, “What shall be done unto the man whom the king delighteth to honour?” Shall we not ask the same concerning our dear Savior, the Lord Jesus? “What shall be done unto Him whom God delighteth to honour?” God has made him both Prince and Savior. All principalities and powers have been made subject unto him. Why? Because the Lord Jehovah is delighted with him and delighted to honor him. He has not only given him a name which is above every name, but it has pleased the Father that in him should all fulness dwell.

How shall you and I honor him whom the Father delights to honor? There is but one way. The Father honored the Son by putting all things in his hands, by trusting him (Ephesians 1:12). That is precisely how we must honor our Lord Jesus, by faith in him, by trusting him, by putting all things in his hands. Oh for grace so to trust my Savior! As the Lord God commits all his purpose, all his people, all his will, and all his glory to the Godman Mediator, Christ Jesus, so would I commit all my salvation, all my life, all things to him.

As all the evil intent of Haman was overruled, and all the mischief he caused was overturned, soon our great God and Savior shall overturn all the mischief our adversary the devil has caused in his creation, and overrule his intended harm for our everlasting benefit and joy. O Spirit of God, give us grace to honor our Savior by trusting him with all things, in all things, for all things, and at all times!

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