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Devotional: May 28th

I have somewhat against thee because thou hast left thy first love. Revelation 2:4.

This comforts me, O my dear father! that thou hast shown me thy mercy, and lovest me in Christ; but this grieves me also that my love is still so weak towards thee. O supply these my great defects, and whatever thou suffereth to remain, lay it not to my charge, and let it not disturb my filial confidence; rather let it serve that I trust so much more upon Christ alone, and that I may be stirred up to more earnest prayers; then there is no doubt but my great wants, shall in due time, be all filled up with a real constant love.

Why is my heart so far from thee.
My God, my chief delight?
Why are my thoughts no more by day
With thee, no more by night?

Why should my foolish passions rove?
Where can such sweetness be.
As I have tasted in thy love,
As I have found in thee?

Trifles of nature or of art
With fair deceitful charms,
Intrude into my thoughtless heart.
And thrust me from thy arms.

Wretch that I am, to wander thus
In chase of false delight!
Let me be fastened to thy cross,
Rather than lose thy sight.

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