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Devotional: February 22nd

1 Samuel 9:1-14

A new period in Israel’s history begins with our reading today: that of the kings. The people have asked for a king. They feel the need for a fine outward system such as men love: a monarchy with all the great pomp that goes with it (Acts 25:23), a powerful army and finally a king of whom they can be proud. God is to give them exactly what they want. We see Saul, the son of Kish, a choice young man, the most handsome and the tallest in Israel. Would he not be just right? Saul’s father has sent him to find his asses. He obeys, but the search proves to be fruitless. "Let us return," Saul proposes to his companion. We are reminded of the change of direction necessary in the life of every man and which is called conversion. When a person has discovered how useless and disappointing the pursuit of the things of this world is, then he must come "to himself" like another young man (Luke 15:17) and make his way back to his Father’s house. Saul’s companion gives him wise advice: "Let us go to the man of God," he says, "he can show us our way that we should go." Jesus is God’s representative for us. If we turn to Him to show us the way, we shall be sure to go the right way.

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