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Devotional: June 2nd

1 Kings 9:10-28

It was a serious error on Solomon’s part to give to the king of Tyre towns which formed part of the land of Israel. Similarly it can happen to us that we abandon part of our heritage for the world’s benefit. Take for example the way in which we spend the Lord’s Day. Do we perhaps stay away from a meeting to please a friend or a relative? We can be sure that such concessions are a loss to both parties. How can we possibly bring anyone else to seek out divine truth and to realise Christian privileges unless we ourselves demonstrate that we value them? Look at Hiram! He does not even appreciate Solomon’s gesture.

The end of the chapter shows us the king, as a wise administrator, strengthening and organising his kingdom. He is on the one hand maintaining his relationship with the LORD (v. 25), and on the other hand with the various peoples and countries on his borders. For the first time since the days of Joshua, all the Canaanites are brought into subjection. We remember that they are a type of the enemies of our souls. Are my soul’s enemies at liberty, or rather have I found in Christ the strength to bring them under control?

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