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Devotional: February 5th

Ruth 2:4-16

So far Ruth had only spoken to the servants of Boaz. Now she meets in person this powerful and rich friend (v. 1), who is a particularly beautiful type of the Lord Jesus. Boaz reminds us of the best Friend, attractive and compassionate, of whom God can say in Psalms 89:19, "I have laid help upon one that is mighty".

We see him in this town of Bethlehem (where the Saviour was to be born), blessing his servants and telling them what to do, watching everything and, noticing the poor gleaner, dealing with her in such a gracious and delicate way that he puts the frightened young woman at her ease. He invites her to come to him; he speaks to her heart and comforts her.

Each of us must have the same experience that Ruth had. It is not enough to know the Lord’s servants, pastors, teachers or evangelists and to learn from them, from time to time, lessons drawn from Word of God. Each of us must have personal dealings with Jesus. Then He Himself will speak to our hearts. He will make us understand what He went through for us down here in suffering and dying (the parched corn of v. 14). And He will satisfy us with treasures of His love.

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