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Devotional: February 5th

Job 36:1-21

Elihu continues his discourse; he ascribes righteousness to God (v. 3) while refuting two false ideas about Him. In spite of His power, the Creator is interested in His creature and does not despise him at all (v. 5). The righteous man, in other words the believer, is the object of His special care. His eyes are always upon the man whom He exalts (v. 7), or on the other hand, the man upon whom He sends trials (v. 8). And secondly, God never acts in a capricious manner, like Job told Him He did. In allowing testing, He has a precise aim – to show His own what they have done, to open their ears to His discipline, if need be to make them aware of their sinfulness. Discipline makes disciples. ; Hebrews 12:7 reminds us that it is kept for the "sons of God", in the same way that parents correct their own children but not other people’s. It is therefore proof of our relationship with our Father. But, according to the same passage (Hebrews 12:5-6), the soul which is exposed to it can well scorn it, not listen to it, nor attach any importance to it (v. 12; compare 5:17). On the other hand, the soul may give up, that is to say, forget that it is the Lord’s faithful love which has prepared the testing for us (read Psalms 119:75).

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