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Devotional: June 2nd

Luke 13:22-35

We never see the Lord satisfying completely men’s curiosity. When He is asked if only a few were to be saved, He seizes the opportunity to speak to their consciences, as if He was saying to each one of them "Don’t worry about other people; make sure that you are one of the few". Of course the gate is narrow, but the kingdom is big enough to welcome all those who wish to enter in. And if you do not want this narrow gate (v. 24), later you will be faced with a closed door (v. 25). What could be more solemn than that constant knocking, that vain shouting, and that terrible answer: I know you not. Some will say, "There’s been a mistake. I had Christian parents. I went regularly to the meetings. I read my Bible and I sang the hymns". But the Lord will receive into heaven only those who have received Him into their hearts down here.

The Lord Jesus addresses these harsh words particularly to the nation of Israel. While Herod that cruel, cunning "fox" was causing havoc amongst the "brood" of Israel, the true King had tried to gather them (v. 34). But they did not want to have anything to do with Him or His grace, and now the Lord of glory, leaving His house, His "own", who had not received Him (v. 35; John 1:11), continues His pathway to the cross.

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