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Devotional: February 5th

Psalms 119:113-136

1 The Word which is a light on my path also shows me just how deep the darkness is around me: It makes me abhor evil and deceit. Indeed, without this divine guide, I can be mistaken and call something good which is actually evil, or something true which is in fact a lie; whereas the Book of God’s thoughts teaches me to see the world and what is in it as He sees it.

"Give me understanding," the faithful servant asks (vv. 125, 34, 169). Understanding is generally considered to be a natural gift. However, this prayer shows us that it is possible to acquire it. It is the Word which gives true understanding (v. 130). "I am thy servant . . ." the psalmist declares, having chosen to observe God’s will (v. 125). This will is expressed in the Bible by different words: law, commandments, statutes, precepts, testimonies, ordinances, judgments . . . nor are these synonymous. As far as the Christian is concerned, the Word is no longer forced upon him in a legal way. His obedience to it stems from the love which he feels not only for the marvellous testimonies of the Lord (vv. 113, 127) but also for His name (v. 132).

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