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Devotional: April 16th


“None ought to carry the ark of God but the Levites.”
1 Chronicles 15:1-3; 1 Chronicles 15:11-15

THERE are prepared people for prepared offices. The Lord will fit the man to the function, the anointed and consecrated priest for the consecrated and consecrating ministry.

But now, in the larger purpose of the Lord, and in “the exceeding riches of His grace,” everybody may be a priest of the Lord. “He hath made us to be priests and kings unto God.” And He will prepare us to carry our ark, and to “minister in holy things.”

I can be His priest in the home. He will anoint me as one who is to engage in holy ministries, and I shall be serving at the altar even while engaged in the lowly duties of the house. The humble meal will be sacramental, and common work will be heavenly sacrifice.

I can be His priest in my class. The Lord will clothe me in “linen clean and white,” and in my consecrated spirit my scholars shall discern the incense of sacrifice. And woe is me if I attempt to fill the godly office without my God.

And I can be His priest in my workshop. Yes, in the carpenter’s shop I may wear the radiant robe of the sanctified. And I, too, as one of the priests of the Lord, can “bear the sin of many, and make intercession for the transgressor.”

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