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Devotional: June 19th

Psalms 59:9; Psalms 59:17—O my Strength, I will wait upon Thee. Unto Thee will I sing praises.

In the R.V. this contrast comes out in exquisite beauty. First, the soul waits upon God, its strength; and then to Him who had been its strength, it breaks into praise.

Notice the circumstances in which this psalm was composed. Around the house lurk Saul’s emissaries, gathering themselves together against him. At any moment they threaten to break in and murder him upon the psalmist’s bed. Michal and he are reduced to their last straits, yet the hunted man finds opportunity to wait upon God. It is not that he asks for aught as a definite gift; but he waits on God Himself, still expectant, eager. There are times when we cannot tell God what He should do; we can only hush our soul, as a mother her babe, and wait patiently until He tells us what He has prepared.

Meditate on these three attributes. He is the God of your mercy, the Fountain from which pure mercy flows, and nothing but mercy; He is your High Tower, whom you may put between yourself and Saul’s hate; He is your Strength, not that you receive strength from Him, but that you appropriate Him as your strength. Stay thus musing and resting, until in that very house, pent in and besieged, you shall break into song, singing of God’s strength, singing aloud of his mercy in the morning.

There are many beleaguered souls in the world, who have learnt to put God between themselves and their besiegers, and to sing to Him.

"For the glory and the passion of this midnight

I praise Thy Name, I give thee thanks, O Christ!

Thou hast neither failed me nor forsaken

Through these hard hours with victory overpriced;

Now that I too of Thy passion have partaken,

For the world’s sake, called—elected—sacrificed."

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