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Devotional: June 2nd

"I will deal well with thee." Genesis 32:9

SO the Lord promised Jacob; and the promises made unto our fathers, He will fulfill unto us their children. But such a promise does not exclude great trials, sore temptations, deep personal afflictions, fiery persecutions, poverty, disappointments, and perplexity; all these things may happen unto us, and yet the Lord deal well with us. The promise secures the sanctification of our troubles, the communication of grace, deliverance from all real evils, the supply of all wants, and the satisfying of our best desires. Is not this enough, to know that Jehovah will deal well with us in sickness and health; in life and in death; in time and through eternity? This promise is Jehovah’s bond, the believer’s plea, the ground of the Christian’s confidence, a reason for contentment and gratitude, and the cause of our enemies’ confusion. Jacob, though tried, found the Lord faithful, and so shall we. Let us therefore rejoice that our God has said, " I will deal well with thee. I will make all my goodness pass before thee. I will save thee with an everlasting salvation. I will be thy God and thy glory." Gracious Lord, do as Thou hast said!

Jesus! in whom but Thee above,

Can I repose my trust, my love?

Thy counsels and upholding care.

My safety and my comfort are,

And Thou shalt guide me all my days,

Till glory crown the work of grace.

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