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Devotional: October 6th

He that loveth me shall be loved of my Father. - John 14:21

Do we love Jesus? Are we cultivating an acquaintance with Him?

If we love Him, we desire to know Him more fully; to serve Him more cheerfully; and to enjoy Him continually.

If we love Jesus, we are willing to part with all things for Him, to renounce whatever He forbids, and pursue whatsoever He commands. If we love Him, we want to love Him more; and to be always with Him. If we love Him, He assures us His Father will love us; for He so delights in His beloved Son, that He visits, revives, and blesses every soul that loves Jesus.

If God loves us, what good thing will He withhold from us? Will He suffer any one to hurt us? Oh, no! He will manifest Himself to us. He will appear for us. He will glorify Himself in us. He will be to us all a God can be, and do for us far above our expectations and hopes. To be the object of the love of God is to enjoy the highest honour, and to possess a title to the greatest happiness which it is possible for rational creatures to enjoy.

Let us therefore ascertain beyond a doubt, that we love Jesus, ardently, sincerely.

To His meritorious passion

All our happiness we owe;

Pardon, uttermost salvation,

Heaven above and heaven below:

Grace and glory

From that open fountain flow.

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