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Devotional: July 20th

"Pray that ye enter not into temptation." Luke 22:40

TEMPTATIONS are trials; but by temptations very generally we understand solicitations to evil. Satan is the arch-tempter; he uses every possible variety of instruments, to draw us into sin and folly; consequently we are always in danger from him. But we are liable to be led astray by his temptations often, because they are sudden, powerful, importunate, deceptive, so timed as to fall in with our peculiar circumstances. Also because our hearts are weak, changeable, prone, to evil, open to seduction. How many eminent saints have fallen! Let us beware! Falling into temptation dishonours God, disgrace religion, and distresses the soul. God is able to preserve and deliver us. He has promised. But prayer is implied in every promise. Beloved, daily remember you have a malicious and designing foe; he is present with you! he will use saints and sinners as instruments to lead you astray. Pray without ceasing. Pray in simplicity, in sincerity, with importunity. God is faithful, and will make a way for your escape.

Jesus Redeemer, Saviour, Lord

The weary sinner’s Friend.

Come to my help, pronounce the word,

And bid my troubles end:

Wisdom and strength to me impart,

To quench each flaming fiery dart.

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