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Devotional: December 5th

And delivered just Lot. - 2 Peter 2:7

Lot was a godly man, justified before God by faith, and justified before man by his good works. But he was a weak man. He chose to dwell in Sodom because it was a wealthy place; he aimed at a fortune, but he was vexed and grieved daily, by seeing and hearing of the unrighteous deeds of his neighbours.

His children married into the world, and were ruined : and he himself, though delivered by a gracious and faithful God, suffered severely. His sons and their wives perished in Sodom; his own wife was made an example of on the plain : he was hurried away without a solitary servant, or any property of importance : and had to take up his dwelling in a cave.

See the folly of being led by appearances : let not the heart follow the eye. See also the certainty of being chastened for sin--just Lot could not escape : the faithfulness of divine love towards its wayward children; and the importance of being distinct from the world. The Christian in the world is like Lot in Sodom, and if he chooses his place from the same motives, the Lord may deal with him after the same rule.

Oh! to be brought to Jesus’ feet,

Though sorrows fix me there,

Is still a privilege : and sweet

The energies of prayer :

Though sighs and tears its language be,

If Christ be nigh and smile on me.

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