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Devotional: October 6th

Morning Devotional

Let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us.- Hebrews 12:1.

Christian, thou art called to run a race: the eyes of innumerable spectators are upon thee; the powers of many enemies are against thee; but fear not. In the strength of Jesus, through the power of faith, thou shalt obtain the prize: even the salvation of thy soul. It is thy wisdom to know thy foes and to guard against them: to know thine own vileness and weakness, and to look to thy friend for power. Thou hast a heavy burden which hinders thy running with alacrity and delight: this, in the exercise of faith, thou must lay aside; therefore "put off the old man with his deeds." This through the Spirit is to be thy daily work. Every sin is a weight; as such is to be laid aside. "The body of sin" is a sore burden, therefore to be put off: but thou hast a besetting sin: thine own conscience best knows its name and nature: this thou art called to lay aside. In the nature of all men there is one sin, a master sin, the source and spring of every other sin, which even believers are not exempt from; but it is ready at all times easily to beset them. It is that monster of iniquity, UNBELIEF. "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen."- Hebrews 11:1. Here we see what glory is given to God, and what wonders were wrought by faith in that chapter. It is the nature of unbelief to deny the substance of what is hoped for, and to oppose the evidence of invisible realities. It tends to make faint hearts, weak knees, and feeble hands: it stops us in our race: it puts us to a stand; and we should give up all and give over all, unless Jesus prays for us, and we are endued with power from on high. But glory to our Jesus he does pray for us, therefore, our faith fails not; we are strengthened by the Spirit’s might in the inner man to hold on. Yet shame on thee, O soul, instead of laying aside this sin, how often dost thou treat it as a bosom friend! How frequently consult it as a sweet counsellor! especially when its arguments are backed by its constant companion, CARNAL REASON. But being assured the matter of thy faith is the word of truth, the author and finisher of thy faith Jesus, thou art not called to answer every cavil from carnal reason, nor to silence unbelief by explaining the mysteries of grace and salvation; but to lay it aside; put it off as David did Saul’s armour; put it away as men do childish things; cast it out as Abram did the bondwoman and her son-and so run with patience the race that is set before thee, every step "looking unto Jesus."

By glimm’ring hope and gloomy fears

We trace the sacred road;

Thro’ dismal deeps and dang’rous snares

We make our way to God.

See the kind angels at the gates,

Inviting us to come!

There Jesus the forerunner waits,

To welcome trav’lers home.

Evening Devotional

My soul fainteth for thy salvation: but I hope in thy word. Psalms 119:81.

David’s words furnish us with these observations: (1st.) That it is a sure evidence, that that sinner is savingly convinced of sin by the Spirit of God, when the salvation of Jesus is the desire of his heart. (2d.) That the soul, though destitute of the joy of faith, in the assurance of interest in Christ’s salvation, yet may have the grace of hope in lively exercise. (3d.) That in fainting frames of soul, the word of the Lord is the sure support of hope. Study these points: settle them in your hearts. The Lord give comfort from them! When a person faints, the blood returns to the heart: it ceaseth to flow through the veins. Hence, the spirits sink; nature fails; life and strength depart; the eyes see not; the hands cannot hold; the feet cannot walk. Have you not experienced it thus with your souls? Have you not found things at a very low ebb with you, just ready to give up all hope, and let all confidence go, just at the last gasp? See the actions of a gracious soul. Learn experience by David’s conduct. He thinks of his best Friend, his dear Saviour. He looks up to him. He tells him what he faints for: thy salvation. For fresh knowledge of interest in it: for the joys and comforts of it. What! when his sin stared him in the face? when his conscience was burdened with guilt? when his spirits failed him, his soul fainted within him, and without assurance in his heart of interest in Christ’s salvation? is this a time to go to Christ? Yes-the very time: the proper time: the time of need, in which we are exhorted to come boldly. (Hebrews 4:16.) O, my fainting fellow-sinners!

What a precious Saviour is Jesus! What a glorious salvation hath he finished for us! What a special mercy, that the loving Spirit excites desires in our souls, after the enjoyment of it! Well, though David’s soul faints, yet, says he, I hope in thy word. What, without faith! No: he had living faith in his heart, though he fainted for the joy and comfort of faith. He believed the word of grace and salvation, and he hoped for the fulfilment of the promises of his Lord, to the reviving of his soul. He honours his Lord’s word, trusts in his faithfulness, and casts the anchor of hope upon his truth. “Go and do likewise; for we are saved by hope.” (Romans 8:24.) “Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and stedfast, and which entereth into that within the vail, whither Jesus is for us entered.” Hebrews 6:19-20.

My spirits sink, my heart doth faint

For thy salvation, Lord:

Thy peace bestow, thy presence grant;

My hope is in thy word.

On that I daily will rely,

Till thou my soul revive:

Thy word of truth can never die,

Therefore by faith I live.

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