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Devotional: 3rd of Shevat

A talmid is not greater than his rabbi.... it is enough for a talmid that he become like his rabbi (Matthew 10:24-25).

Yeshua was a rabbi, and like the great rabbis throughout Jewish history, he had a group of men around him who listened to his every word. They were his talmidim (from the Hebrew root lamad, meaning "learn" or "study").

If you call Yeshua Lord, then you are one of his talmidim. He's your rabbi and teacher, and you are his talmid, his student.

As his talmid, your life ought to be dedicated to learning all you can from your rabbi, Yeshua. Greet each day as his talmid, seeking to receive a new gem of life from your master and teacher. Hang on to everything he wants to teach you; make his words more precious than food or drink. For you are his talmid and he is your rabbi!

...seek from the Lord a new lesson. I'm one of his talmidim!


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