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Devotional: 17th of Iyar

Do not let yourselves be conformed to the standards of the'olam hazeh [this world] (Romans 12:2

The Torah says that Noah was "perfect" and "righteous" in his generation (Genesis 6:9; 7:1). The sages debate whether this is a statement of praise or of criticism. The first view commends Noah for preserving his faith and obedience even in the midst of great wickedness. The second view holds that Noah can only be considered faithful and obedient in contrast to such great wickedness. Born into a later, better generation, he would not seem righteous at all. What is clear in Noah's story is that faith in God can never be a product of the day in which we live. Our generation is one of particularly ungodly values. We may appear spiritual if we view ourselves only by its light, but we will never then reach the full purpose of God in our lives.

Noah was perfect in his generation because he "walked with God" (Genesis 6:9). Whether this perfection was truly great faithfulness, or only great relative to the surrounding imperfection, it stemmed from his nearness to God. Our walk with God makes us stand out in the day in which we live.

...re-examine my ways and attitudes in the light of Scripture, instead of merely comparing myself to those who are in the world.


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