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Devotional: 13th of Sivan

For your love is better than wine (Song of Song of Solomon 1:2).

The Bible has a love song—the Song of Shlomo (Solomon)—which some consider a beautiful allegory about a bridegroom and bride, representing God and us. At its beginning, the bride says of the bridegroom, "For your love is better than wine." Significantly, the Hebrew reads ki-tovim dodeykha miyyayin, not "your love" but "your loves [plural] are better than wine."

We, as the bride, must speak these words, for God not only has love for us, but has abundant "loves." When you lean on the Lord, as a child learning to walk, God loves you with one love. But when you fall and need comfort, he loves you with another love. When you're young in him, zealous and naïve, he loves you with one love. When you are old in the Lord, deeply rooted and wise, he loves you with another. The love with which he loves you today is a new love, not an old love. He loves you tonight, not with this morning's love, nor this morning with last night's love. His love is new every morning and every moment.

God has many loves for us, more than enough for a lifetime. Receive the new love he has for you right now as you say with your heart, "Your loves are more delightful than wine."

...praise God in a new way or sing to him a new song of praise, acknowledging his abundant loves.


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