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10 Minutes Peace

    by Susan McGrath

Meet My Jesus
Date Posted: November 27, 2004

I can remember being asked the question in several different classes in high school and college: If you could meet anyone in history, who would it be?

My answer was usually Abraham Lincoln or perhaps your average knight-in-shining-armor, but there were always several people who wanted to meet Jesus.

I guess I never thought about actually meeting Jesus Christ in the flesh. It always seemed to me that I was in a better place to know him than even most of those who followed him during his time on earth.

They were trying to understand what His kingdom was all about and how they could fit into it. They could see his miracles, but couldn't comprehend that he had to die and then conquer death. They couldn't imagine life without Him there as a friend, or life with Him gone back to heaven as their Savior.

And many of those who did meet and even get to know Jesus Christ didn't believe -- or worse, believed and betrayed.

Yet I am two thousand years this side of the cross and have the opportunity to meet Christ. I have met Him in many church congregations, through many children and teens I have worked with over the years, in the eyes of people I've passed on the street and the words of a clerk in a store or waitress in a restaurant.

I have met Jesus, and I'm getting to know Him more every day.

Time travel is not the only way to meet Jesus Christ. Besides meeting daily heart-to-heart, I plan to meet Him face to face someday and spend eternity knowing Him.

For now, though, I'm content to meet Him right where I am. After all, that's where He met me!

So would I change my answer about who I would like to meet in history? Probably. I think it would be Mary Magdalene.

As you meet with Jesus this week, enjoy the peace, hope and love His presence provides and show it to others.

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Biography Information:
Susan McGrath is:

a recovering journalist trying to encourage others and glorify God through writing;

living the small-town life with husband Tim and sons Lincoln, 12, and Sawyer, 6;

completing a few put-off writing projects while using chocolate for therapy.
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