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10 Minutes Peace

    by Susan McGrath

You're What?
Date Posted: July 7, 2007

This week as my family and I returned home from an out-of-state adventure, we stopped for a late lunch, pulling off the interstate into a combo KFC/Taco Bell. I promptly gave my south-of the-border order and headed for the bathroom while my family ordered their chicken pieces. When I returned, it was to find the kids whining to my husband and my husband looking bewildered.

"They're out of chicken," he stated with disbelief. What are the odds? (Technically, they were just out of cooked chicken and it would be more than 15 minutes before any was ready to serve.) Considering this was fast food and we wanted to get home and collapse, my husband opted to head on down the road. As we drove he politely suggested I "get my head out of my book and look for restaurant signs". I spotted a Fazoli's, which he had informed me I missed earlier. Well, I didn't want to miss out on the breadsticks, so I was glad I had glanced up at the right moment to see this sign.

As we pulled off and turned to the right, where only a McDonald's sign was in view, I said "don't blame me if this is one of those places that's two miles off the road." Apparently that triggered some long-buried unpleasant memory because my husband responded, "It is! This is the one we stopped at two years ago and got lost and drove two miles into the hills trying to find!' Well, at least we knew where the turn was this time.

We found the place with no trouble and traipsed inside. A worker came from the seating are and went behind the counter and said. "Oh, we're closed." Just before my husband went ballistic, the guy said, "Just kidding." At that point I told him I would not have been surprised if they were closed and shared out tale of woe. When I got to the part about KFC being out of chicken he said, "You're what? Out of what? Aren't you called Kentucky Fried Chicken?" I'm sure that made his day!

So we got our lunch, Italian - not chicken and tacos, and everyone was full and content (except for a few "how long 'til we get home?" queries - and those came from my husband). What I learned from this experience is that things are not always what we expect, or even the way they should be. I also had another lesson in patience and trust - if God can arrange for me to have a more interesting lunch through an odd circumstance (I love Taco Bell, but I eat it frequently) then what might He do with the really important things in my life if I wait and trust?

Wait for the Lord, be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. - Psalm 27:14

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Biography Information:
Susan McGrath is:

a recovering journalist trying to encourage others and glorify God through writing;

living the small-town life with husband Tim and sons Lincoln, 12, and Sawyer, 6;

completing a few put-off writing projects while using chocolate for therapy.
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