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Bible verse and quote

    by Jan Couns

Bible and Quote - April 25-29
Date Posted: June 17, 2022

(I will go to Your altar, O Lord,) That I may proclaim with the voice of thanksgiving. And declare all Your wonders. Psalm 26:7 Some folks go to God as you might suppose criminals would go to the whipping-post (but not David). Charles Haddon Spurgeon, 1834-92, British Reformed Baptist

God, I love living with you; your house glows with your glory (The Message). Psalm 26:8 Leap my spirit with joy; thy Lord doth dwell with thee in might, power and love.

Do not gather my soul with sinners. Psalm 26:9a Talk to Him of your temptations, that He may shield you from them. François Fénelon, 1651-1715, French Roman Catholic theologian

Do not take away . my life with bloodthirsty men,in whose hands are wicked schemes, whose right hands are full of bribes. Psalm 26:9b,10 Don't let your special character and values, the secret that you know and no one else does, the truth -- don't let that get swallowed up by the great chewing complacency. Meryl Streep, 1949- US actress

But I lead a blameless life; redeem me and be merciful to me. Psalm 26:11 Relating to God through His grace, our faith will not be high and low but resting on God's faithfulness to us. That does not mean we should not strive to be holy, for we should. But don't let that make us self-righteous. Joe Guglielmo, Calvary Chapel, Manitowoc, Wisconsin

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Birth: 1948, Biloxi, Mississippi

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Hobbies: gardening, Bible study

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