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Bible verse and quote

    by Jan Couns

Bible and Quote - August 2-6
Date Posted: June 11, 2021

The fool has said in his heart, "There is no God." They are corrupt, They have done abominable works, There is none who does good. Psalm 14:1
God of my righteousness; not only a righteous God thyself, but the author of my righteous dispositions, thou hast by the grace wrought that good that is in me. Matthew Henry, 1662-1714, was a Welsh-born, English nonconformist minister and Bible commentator

There is none (men) who does good, No, not one. Psalm 14:3b

May I not judge of grace by wrong conceptions, nor measure my spiritual advances by the efforts of my natural being. The Valley of Vision, Puritan Prayers and Devotions, 1600/1700s .for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23

Don’t doers of iniquity, who have not called on Jehovah, know? Night is coming for them, for God takes the side of righteous victims. Psalm 14:4,5
Seek not revenge but endeavor to forgive your enemies and pray God will take pity by compelling them to repent.

(The ungodly) have shamed the counsel of the afflicted, for Jehovah is his refuge. Psalm 14:6
A devout heart, purged from self-conceit, is often gifted with a piercing wisdom before which the crafty shrewdness of the world is abashed (dumbfounded). Alexander Maclaren, 1826-1910, British Baptist expository preacher

O Jehovah, who shall dwell in Your tabernacle? .in Your holy mountain? He who walks uprightly and works righteousness, and speaks the truth in his heart. Psalm 15:1,2a

Be aware that a man can be outwardly conformed to the Christian way of life while he is inwardly conformed to the spirit of this world. Sinclair Ferguson, 20th century

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