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Bible verse and quote

    by Jan Couns

Bible and Quote - August 30 - September 3
Date Posted: July 23, 2021

My heart is glad and my soul rejoices. Psalm 16:9a
He who has found his soul's life in God has a secret joy which is beyond the reach of temptation, unrest, and sorrow; a quiet confidence and steadfastness which abide even while the waves and storms of life sweep over him. Jean N. Grou

(The Lord is with me) Therefore my flesh (body) shall also rest in hope. Psalm 16:9b God is our strength for any circumstance. Lifeway, Explore the Bible, Summer 2007

Thou wilt not leave my soul to Sheol, neither wilt thou allow thy Holy One to see corruption. Psalm 16:10 Christ's resurrection is the cause, the earnest, the guarantee, and the emblem of the rising of all his people. Spurgeon In order that man's mind might be freed from presumption, and seek the truth humbly, it was necessary that certain things far surpassing his intellect should be proposed to man by God. St. Aquinas

You will make known to me the path of life. Psalm 16:11a Philosophers: teach me how to find joy in sorrow, strength in weakness, and light in darkest days; how to bear buffeting and scorn; how to welcome death, and to pass through it into the sphere of life in a world that groans and travails in pain. Till you can do this, speak not to be of a better revelation than the Bible. Henry Ward Beecher

In Your presence is fullness of joy. Psalm 16:11b God desires and is pleased to communicate with us through the avenues of our minds, our wills, and our emotions with continuous and unembarrassed interchange of love and thought. A. W. Tozer

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