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Can God Get Glory from My Life?

    by Dominique Henderson

Relying on the Power of the Holy Spirit...Part 3
Date Posted: November 30, 2008

Relying on the power of the Holy Spirit…gives me command over my circumstance. This is most analogous to an example I have used previously so excuse the redundancy. Imagine a person with a very rich uncle. The uncle passes away and leaves everything to this heir. Unfortunately, though, the heir is unaware of the inheritance.

Moreover, in this state of ignorance they go about their life living from paycheck to paycheck, struggling financially because they do not know about the riches that await them. This is a picture of what the life of the believer is without knowledge of God’s Word. God’s Word contains authority. This authority can be used because it has already

been spoken and declared by God as absolute truth. This means that anything and everything that rises up against his Word and its authority must become subject to it. However, going back to the example, to not know and understand this power is not to be able to use it either. In verses five and six of Psalm 23, David understands that God

has prepared a table before [him] in the presence of [his] enemies. God’s authority has allowed David to be victorious in the midst of his enemies. In the midst of his problems. In the midst of his circumstances. His reliance on God has given him command over the situation. You anoint my head with oil, my cup overflows. This anointing is a

sign of favor. David was anointed by Samuel over his seemingly more qualified brothers as the next king of Israel (see 1 Samuel 16:1-13). This is because God’s favor rested upon David. This is the favor that we possess as believers in the Most High. We can have favor on our jobs, in our relationships and in our ministries. David then

declares that surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. First, he realizes where his strength lies. In the Lord—not in himself. The fact that he will dwell in the house of the Lord is a clue as to where the source of his strength lies. Our strength source is the presence of God. In

dwelling in God’s presence, we have confidence that this favor, this anointing, this goodness and love will surely follow us. The Holy Spirit will lead us and guide us in all truth. Jesus declared this promise to his disciples in John 16:13. Therefore, we are required to rely on the Holy Spirit. If we do this, we allow the Lord to be our Shepherd. We

are able to have clarity in every situation or circumstance that we go through; we are able to have confidence in God’s Word and His Spirit to fight off the fear we may feel while in it; and we are able to have command over it by relying on the power of the Holy Spirit.

God Bless and be strong in the power of the Lord and his might!

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Biography Information:
Dominique Henderson is a believer in the one and only Son of God - Jesus Christ.  After being a believer for many years, he didn't begin to realize the purpose God had for him until the age of 30.  He has a passion for fellow musicians and worship leaders that have allowed Satan to distract them from their God-given gifts.  He now lives day by day following the lead of the Holy Spirit--not perfectly but diligently. He enjoys writing and spending time with his wife, Briana, and their three children.
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