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Can God Get Glory from My Life?

    by Dominique Henderson

Sayings from the Dry Place
Date Posted: April 4, 2010

A couple of weeks ago I finished up talking about experiencing the “dry place”. This is something that eventually happens to all Christians when walking with the Lord. The beautiful thing about these times is the wisdom gleaned in this period. Nonetheless, these can be very trying and difficult times. But to know that even this period of my life has been filtered through my Father’s loving hands is reassuring. As I was sitting the other day, I began to contemplate some of the sayings that I have used in these special seasons of life. These may be things uttered only to myself to keep me going, or at times they were sayings that my family and I recited as a mantra. In either case, they have become my own little “proverbs” that will be with me for years to come and I hope they bless you as richly as they have me.

Saying #1 -“The best things in life may be free, but they aren’t cheap.”

The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in the field, which a man found and hid again; and from joy over it he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field. "Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant seeking fine pearls, and upon finding one pearl of great value, he went and sold all that he had and bought it. Matthew 13:44-46

In my life, I have come to realize that all great experiences come at a great cost. For every boy desiring to be the next Lebron James, if successful, we will eventually learn that he spent the equivalent of years in hour increments on the basketball court during all types of weather. I am always awed by the regiments that Tiger Woods subjected himself to become arguably the best golfer the world has ever seen. Having had my go at athletic fame, I remember many hours I spent “doing the things that others chose not” in order to be a standout in my event. All that to say, that greatness usually comes at a great cost to the individual seeking to be great. In the scripture passage above, Jesus teaches a parable about two individuals relinquishing all that they had in order to obtain something they felt was of greater value. The distinction between them and any one else is their perception of value. In what I have experienced, God inevitably takes you through seasons that build in you what is needed for the next level in your life. You do not ever have to worry about God “wasting” your time with needless experiences (and believe me, I have felt like I was wasting time!) He chooses us because we have value to him. It is up to us to realize this also and embrace the greatness that is destined for us. If he has led you to go back to school after years off, he is doing it for a very special reason and it is part of his plan for you (ask my wife about that!) However, you can rest assured that this process will cost you something. It may cost your reputation (as you know it), friends, career, or any myriad of things that will distract your focus from achieving God’s best. God’s best is not cheap, but it is free to all those willing to deny themselves, take up their cross and follow (see Matthew 16:24).

Saying #2 -Seasons change like moments, so enjoy the moments.

This is a saying that I have to repeat often to myself because at times I just do not get it. Sometimes difficult seasons cause you to long for their end, but they are filled with moments to enjoy like anything else. The pity would be to despise a particular season because of the particular moments within the season and thereby miss something God is trying to show you. I will give you an example. During a season in my life, I was unemployed for over 8 months. In that state, I was often consumed with constantly checking my email for the next “opportunity”. But in those times, I would sometimes be sacrificing being available for my wife or kids or anyone else. Honestly, I thought I was doing a good thing and was unaware of my disconnectedness. I was in my own little world just consumed with all that had to do with Dominique. Instead of enjoying good conversation in a simple trip to the store, I was on my phone checking email. Looking back, I could have easily viewed my stint of unemployment as God giving me well-deserved “time-off” for all my previous hard work and rested in the fact that he would provide for all my needs during that time. This perspective allows me to enjoy this season and not despise it nor miss the moments of fellowship and interaction that we as individuals so desperately crave and are designed for. After all, it was God’s responsibility to provide for me and my family—not mine.

Saying #3 -God’s way is usually the scenic route…not the drive-thru.

By far this is probably the most difficult to accept. It relates to the former in that we cannot be in a hurry when it comes to receiving God’s best for us. Rarely does he move when we expect, but as the song says, “He’s always on time”. More than that though, he is in time. Unlike us, God is not bound by the facility of time rendering him unable to move in and out of it when he pleases. He just inserts events into time at his leisure because he is all-powerful. With this ability, he consistently teaches us to wait on him and not to be anxious because of the pressure we feel from time (see Philippians 4:6). If you think about it, everyone enjoys great scenery. The only thing that distracts us from enjoying it is if we are in a hurry. God’s aim is to teach us how we can rest in him and trust in him, regardless of circumstances and deadlines. Since time is not a boundary for him on delivering to us what is needed, we can rest. If we think back on our entire lives, there has not been a time that God has not provided us with what we needed when it was needed. Of course, you may argue that you would have liked _______ (fill in the blank) sooner, but why and for what? (Exploring those questions reveal our ulterior motives which is a story for another day!) In proper perspective, whatever was needed was provided when it was needed. God never moves us before we are ready to be moved. Otherwise, we would be in a position to sustain something for which we are not prepared and are not graced to handle. The most beautiful thing about waiting on God for everything is that when you finally receive it, he is there sustaining it for you. For all of you that are looking for your next job, I would like to encourage you now. God is especially preparing the right position for you. He views your next position as an assignment that only you can complete and therefore will be there when you get there. The position is not going anywhere, so do not be anxious. Once you arrive, you will be exalted in the eyes of your peers and superiors because God has ordained in that way. In the book of Joshua, when Joshua was to replace Moses as Israel’s leader, God ordained special circumstances that exalted Joshua in the eyes of the people (see Joshua 4:14). Rest in the Lord, woman and man of God, knowing that the Lord is watching over the plan for your life with care and will carry it out!

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

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Dominique Henderson is a believer in the one and only Son of God - Jesus Christ.  After being a believer for many years, he didn't begin to realize the purpose God had for him until the age of 30.  He has a passion for fellow musicians and worship leaders that have allowed Satan to distract them from their God-given gifts.  He now lives day by day following the lead of the Holy Spirit--not perfectly but diligently. He enjoys writing and spending time with his wife, Briana, and their three children.
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