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Heart to Heart

    by Pat Chwialkowski

Answered Prayer...Kinda
Date Posted: March 16, 2011

I thought this day would never come. But here I am to announce to the world: I am a grandma. That’s right. On January 17th I was given the right to be called “grandma”. That’s when our daughter officially adopted a beautiful bouncing 5 pound baby...puppy. Okay it’s a dog and not a real baby, but nonetheless this adorable little puppy has stolen all of our hearts. And I am proud to say─she has my eyes.

Luci (pronounced like Lucy) is an answer to prayer, though we were not aware that we were even praying for her. In reality, what my husband and I were praying for was that our almost 26 year old daughter would be blessed with a little romance in her life. We envisioned a man…not a dog. But every time we see our daughter loving on this new multi-poo, it brings a smile to our face…knowing that God heard our prayer.

Have you ever done that? As you prayed for something you hand in mind just exactly how God should answer that prayer, but when the answer came it looked completely differently than what you had imagined.

This has been happening a lot to me lately. Recently one of the ladies in my Thursday night Bible Study came limping into the study with her foot wrapped and cane in hand. When we inquired to what was the problem, she said she was puzzled not knowing how or why the injury happened. She explained to us that when she awoke the prior day her foot was swollen and that she was in extreme pain. That is when we laid hands on her and asked God for His healing touch.

As I was praying I was personally envisioning a miraculous healing where the pain and the inflammation would be completely gone. So the next week when she came to the study absent of any cane and wearing a normal pair of shoes I thought for sure I was in for a powerful testimony.

The testimony she offered was good but not as miraculous as I would have wanted. Rather, she said that after the study, the Spirit impressed on her heart to go to the internet and Google her symptoms. Through this means, she was able to make a correct diagnosis and begin a treatment plan which allowed the foot to begin to heal. So did healing happen? Yes. But I thought to myself, “Why God did you choose this route, rather than instantly heal her so that we could brag on Your name and say, ‘Look at this miracle!’”

And then it dawned on me. God is God and He can heal any way He pleases. Ultimately, He should always get the glory; whether He chooses to heal us instantly or chooses a process that we must go through before we receive the healing.

And that is why I believe God gave Luci Mae to Elisa. She is in process. First the dog, then the guy, and then the grandchildren! Then one day I will announce to whole world, “I am a real grandma this time”. Until then, I will be content with “Go fetch!”

You gotta love the process!!!!

Yet You, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay and You are the Potter;

We are the work of Your hands

Isaiah 64:8

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