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Heart to Heart

    by Pat Chwialkowski

The Right Connection
Date Posted: January 25, 2012

In 1997, before cell phones became popular, my family along with friends of ours decided to take a trip to Myrtle Beach. The fact that we were taking two separate cars gave us reason to take walkie talkies with us―just in case one of us made a wrong turn or something. Sure enough these devices helped us stay on track with one another on the trip down, so we decided to take them as we visited the Broadway at the Beach shopping center.

There was much territory to cover at this tourist attraction that my friend and I decided to separate awhile to do some browsing on our own. We made plans to rendezvous later in front of Build-A-Bear Workshop. That is when the following conversation took place using our handy dandy walkie talkies.

Me: Deb, I’m in front of Build-A-Bear, where are you? Over.

Deb: I’m also in front of the Build-A-Bear, but I don’t see you. Over.

Me: Maybe there are two Build-A-Bear’s. I’m at the one next to Tsunami Surf Shop. Over.

Deb: That’s funny. I’m in front of the one next to Tsunami Surf Shop. Over.

Me: I’m standing right in front of the entrance. Over.

Deb: I’m standing right in front of the entrance. Over.

It was about then, that a perfect stranger tapped me on the shoulder and pointed out my friend…she was standing about three feet away! You can imagine the embarrassment as my eyes caught the glimpse of my friend’s face as we foolishly were communicating on our walkie talkies with one another when we were just arm’s lengths away. I suspect that this kind man must have tried hard not to split his gut laughing at us, as he witnessed our own Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance episode. Nevertheless, we are still thankful that this perfect stranger took pity on two crazy ladies.

As I tell this story, I can’t help but think back to the days before I came to know Jesus Christ personally as my Lord and Savior. There were many times when I found myself anxiously trying to connect to God but getting nowhere. God where are You? Each time there was nothing but silence in return. How I ached to hear from God, even if it was for one brief moment.

Then one day I discovered that the disconnection problem that existed between God and myself was due to my own foolishness. I was trying to reach God on my own terms and not on His. Then, just like at Broadway at the Beach, a perfect stranger got my attention and pointed me in the right direction.

That perfect stranger is now my Lord and Savior. Jesus Christ saw me acting like a crazy lady for too many years when He took mercy on me. He saw that I was lost and needed to be found. He knew that I was blind and needed new sight. Only He could give me these things.

My life changed dramatically once I found forgiveness for my sins and I had the understanding of what Christ did for me on the cross. It was such a comfort knowing that I would gain heaven one day when my time on earth was spent. However, what I still had to accept, was even though heaven was my eternal destiny the journey to get there sometimes would be quite disheartening.

I struggled at one time with wanting a baby and feeling my empty arms. Many times I yearned for deep friendships─only to be left disappointed. Then later in life, I looked to prescription drugs to give me relief, and became known as a drug addict.

With each new trial God was always there, lovingly, helping me get through it. He placed in my arms a beautiful baby girl when He thought I was ready. He gave me a best friend in my husband when so many marriages around me were crumbling. And my days of addiction are long gone, as I totally rely on Him for my peace.

Yes, since I made my connection with God life has not always been easy. Especially, during the times when His voice seems to fade. In spite of this, I have learned that during these dark times, if I don’t give up and continue to believe, eventually I will always hear him say: Can you hear me NOW? And I respond, “Yes Lord, I hear You”.

In the end, that is the best communication ever…even in this hi-tech world!

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. Jesus' words in John 10:27 (KJV)

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