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    by Mike McHugh

Home Schoolers For Life
Date Posted: January 17, 2008

“If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small. If thou forbear to deliver them that are drawn unto death, and those that are ready to be slain; If thou sayest, Behold, we knew it not; doth not he that pondereth the heart consider it? And he that keepeth thy soul, doth not he know it? and shall not he render to every man according to his works?”
Proverbs 24:10-12

As the year 2008 unfolds, God’s people are faced with the grim reality that in the U.S. alone over one million unborn babies will likely be slaughtered during the course of the year. In far too many cases, Christian parents involved in home education fail to train their children to the point where they understand the importance of helping to end the practice of child sacrifice (i.e. abortion). Like most Christians in the Western world, home educators seldom take the time to explain to their children that the true goal of the abortion industry is to directly profit from the destruction of a significant number of their own generation of peers. More than ever, young people today need to be encouraged to ask God to grant them the same zeal and compassion for life as the Hebrew midwives exhibited in the days of Moses, or like the Good Samaritan as related by the Lord Jesus Christ.

Although there are many reasons why home educators need to make pro-life instruction a priority, perhaps the most compelling motivation is that no nation that has permitted the practice of child sacrifice has ever survived for any length of time. Any parent who has taken the effort to study history knows full well how the Lord consistently judged those nations (including Israel) after they began to tolerate the practice of child sacrifice.

Even now, it is not difficult for Christian parents to recognize that the Lord is beginning to pour out His judgements upon many countries in the Western world that have adopted pro-abortion policies. Nations such as Germany, Russia, and the United States, for example, are now experiencing a massive economic crisis because so few families are permitting their children to be born alive that the governments in these countries are becoming increasingly incapable of funding their socialistic retirement/pension programs. In other words, so many potential taxpayers and skilled workers have been permitted to be aborted that there are not enough workers left to support those who are ready to retire. Not surprisingly, countries such as Russia and Germany have recently begun to respond to this growing crisis by actually paying families to have babies! It is indeed true that nations, just like individuals, reap what they have sown.

Parent educators who are convicted of their need to develop an action plan that their family can utilize to help dismantle the abortion (pro-death) industry, should find some of the following suggestions helpful.

  1. Pursue a consistent pro-life witness in the community in which God has placed you by supporting local crisis pregnancy centers, adoption agencies, and churches that have programs designed to help needy children. In addition, be sure to support those families who have been blessed with several children with encouragement and practical assistance.

  2. Set aside a regular time to pray for the end of abortion, and for God to frustrate the plans of individuals and organizations that are seeking to promote the killing of unborn children or those who are old and infirm.

  3. Sponsor fundraisers in your community to help raise support for pro-life groups or for unwed mothers who need financial assistance. Most families can help to organize events such as bake sales, car washes, or “walkathons” in order to raise support for the cause of life.

  4. Take the effort to support candidates for public office (judges/politicians) that are committed to fighting for the sanctity of human life. Some home educators even go so far as to volunteer as a campaign worker in order to support pro-life candidates who are seeking public office. Such activities, it should be mentioned, can provide older home school students with valuable exposure to the ins and outs of the political process.

  5. Whenever possible, patronize only those doctors or hospitals which refuse to be involved with the killing of any human life.

  6. Have your family members write letters for the editorial column of your local newsletter that promote a pro-life message. Submit articles to magazines/newsletters that also seek to promote the pro-life agenda. Such activities will not only help to spread the truth concerning the sanctity of human life, but will also serve as a means of sharpening the writing skills of each family member who participates.

  7. Determine to connect your family with a local Bible-believing church that has the courage to preach and labor for the sanctity of human life.

  8. Pass out pro-life literature in the community, including at churches in the area that do not have a pro-life testimony. A wonderful four-page summary of what the Bible says about unborn children and the sanctity of life, can be downloaded free-of-charge at an internet sight entitled “Pro-life Scripture References”. Simply type this heading into your favorite search engine, (I happen to use Google) and it will take you directly to this excellent document.

Time engaged in the work of promoting the pro-life cause is time well spent. Human beings, after all, were created for the express purpose of glorifying their Maker, and this is the ultimate reason why God’s people must be concerned about preserving every creature that is created in God’s image. The efforts we make on behalf of those who are “the least of these”, is one important way in which we can let our light shine before men to the glory of Almighty God.

The fact that most home school families have a more flexible weekly schedule, often permits them to be able to be more active on behalf of the pro-life cause. It is my fervent hope that such families will be convicted by God the Holy Spirit of their need to be more active during 2008 in promoting life in all of the ways previously mentioned, as well as by other methods that the Lord would bring to mind.

Copyright 2008 Michael J. McHugh

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