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Refreshment in Refuge

    by Gina Burgess

Day of the Shofar Blast -- Yom Teruah
Date Posted: August 19, 2018

Rosh Hashannah... Jewish new year... blowing of trumpets... The Gathering... makes me tingle all over.

When I lived in Baton Rouge, I had a delicious opportunity to go to a Messianic Jewish celebration of Rosh Hashannah (Feast of Trumpets). If you ever get a chance to celebrate this you are in for such a wonderful experience.

I had never before heard the Shofar blow. The lights were dim and there was a hush as everyone found their seats. I looked at my friend with a, "Well, now what?" expression. There was a trembling excitement from the unknown and the known. The known because I was wondering if it would be like the Passach we had at our church and how thrilling that was to find out how every single bit of the Passover pointed to Jesus. The unknown because we were worshiping with a group of Messianic Jews that I had never met before. What a blessing.

The first blast sent chills up my arms and legs and made my feet lift up off the floor. Three short blasts and I was ready to see God. Every gathering of God's people came to mind. Mount Sinai and Moses and most especially the march around Jericho. It was like I was there and lived it in the space of the Shofar blasts.

The Shofar lifted me up. I had to literally hold on to my seat so I wouldn't just jump up in the air. It is the single most thrilling sound I have ever heard and that includes my babies' first cries.

When Jesus comes to get us, I believe that it will be on His shout such as that He gave to Lazarus in front of the dead man's tomb. I believe only we Christians will hear the trumpet blow for The Gathering to Himself. Even now I can feel the thrill of God. How I love Him! How I can hardly wait to hear His shout.

If you would like to hear this magnificent sound click Shofar. The different blasts are named on the left. Here is the explanation of each of the four blasts of the Shofar. I just listened to it again and it raised that same excitement in my breast and the chills on my arms and the tears in my eyes. You will be blessed.

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