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Refreshment in Refuge

    by Gina Burgess

Date Posted: November 18, 2018


“Yes, LORD?”

“I saw where it was written about you that you are the meekest man upon the whole of the face of the earth. Why did you write this about yourself? Isn’t that being a bit prideful?”

“Well, Father, I would like to recall you to a certain time. Back to the time before the writing of these books of Law You gave us. Back to the time when You called me to a mission.”

“Ah, yes. I remember that day very well. I sat upon a bush and caused it to burn. That was a great attention grabber.”

“Yes, Sir, it was. I was astonished at it.”

“But tell Me, why does this day give you the right to call yourself the meekest man upon the earth to that day?”

“I will tell You. But, first, I want to say, LORD, that I do most deeply recognize that Your Son, Jesus, is ever the meekest man to have ever or will ever live.”

“True. I am delighted that you recognize this. Now… on with your reasoning.”

“Well, Sire, I was much afraid that day.”

“That does not make one meek, Moses.”

“No, it does not. However, I was much afraid that day because You called me to go back to Egypt. You assured me that all who were after to kill me were dead, so it was safe. That was not what made me afraid. I was afraid that those you sent me to, would not believe me. I asked You, who am I to say that sent me?”

“Yes. I told you I AM THAT I AM. I told You to say I AM sent me unto you.”

“Yes, Father. Those words still throw me to my knees. And You also told me Your name. YHWH, the LORD God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. You told me of all the afflictions You saw the Egyptians doing to those in slavery. You promised to bring them out of slavery into a land of milk and honey, the land promised to our fathers. You promised that they would listen to my voice and they would follow me out of Egypt to this wonderful Promised Land because of all the smiting to the Egyptians You would do and the wonders You would perform.”

“So what made you afraid, dear Moses? You heard all that I promised. You believed Me.”

“You promised the Egyptians would give us great treasure if we would but ask. You turned the staff into a snake and back into a staff. You made my hand leprous and then cleansed it. And I was watching a burning bush that did not burn. I believed You. Yet, I was afraid because I had no eloquence. I had no voice that was steady, but was so very slow of speech and slow of tongue. You pointed out that it was You who made my mouth and gave me my speech. You commanded me again to go. In Your command you gave me authority through You. Yet, I was still afraid of my own failings and I begged you to send someone else. That’s when You got mad.”

“As I recall, you stirred up My anger quite hot, that day. I had shown you the power at your finger tips. The snake, the turning water to blood as it poured out of the jar. I relented, though, I gave you Aaron, your brother, to go with you. But, it was through you that he would speak. I gave you the words and you gave them to him and he spoke.”

“Yes. That is it.”

“Moses, I want to be sure you understand why I allowed you to keep those words in the book you wrote so long ago. For those words are true. However, I want to be sure you understand why they are true. Explain to Me why.”

“Father, I am not meek because I had no speech or that my failings were huge. I am meek because even though I made you angry, I was teachable. The man after Your own heart wrote, “The meek will He guide in judgment: and the meek will He teach his way,” in his twenty fifth Psalm. I did not lean upon my own self, but leaned upon You. I did not take authority upon my own self, but took my authority from You. I did not take glory for my own self, but I was showered glory from You. My face glowed when I spoke with You. When Aaron and Miriam spoke against me, You came to my defense. David surely spoke well when he wrote, “The meek shall eat and be satisfied: they shall praise the LORD that seek Him: Your heart shall live for ever." I give You the praise, the honor, the glory and I bask in the blessings You shower upon me and I am satisfied.”

“You have spoken well, Moses. I AM pleased.”

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