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Refreshment in Refuge

    by Gina Burgess

Miracles Still Happen
Date Posted: January 22, 2017

Listen children, miracles of God happen every single day.

The problem is that the Bride of Christ who is sick with unbelief never recognizes the miracles, or so it seems.

I had forgotten that I witnessed several miracles in one weekend, and then heard of three more a day or two later. It is amazing what you find when you dig in your own archives. What an amazing miracle I wrote about here. These soldiers who walke into an ambush were outnumbered, but all survived with little more than a scratch. Here's another example...

One of the Board of Directors couldn't make our meeting because her son who is a husband and father of four children was in a horrendous car accident. When the car was examined, from the dashboard to the front of the car it was a twisted mass of metal. The engine was tossed to the side on the ground, the radiator was tossed in a different direction. The son was tossed into the back seat and had to unbuckle his seat belt to climb out of the back seat. He walked away. The emergency responders said that no one should have lived through that accident no matter where they may had been sitting in the car and certainly not the driver. But, he did.

Another miracle that happened a few years ago...

Baptist missionaries in Brazil were handing out bags of food to villagers whose town had been decimated by a flood. The workers knew there were almost twice as many people as bags of food. Yet, they kept handing out bags until every person had walked away with a bag. There is no way 50 bags, which is how many they began with, could have tripled, but the 120 or so people all got a bag.

There are many more miracles just like this one posted on Voice of the website or on Just read for about an hour or so, you'll be totally blessed.

Saying that miracle and revelations don't happen anymore is putting God in a box.

I am not saying that there are New Truths. Not under any circumstances are there New Truths. God closed the book after Revelation was penned. However, there are many new insights.

Some people choose to call those insights ‘revelation’. In a way, I suppose it could be labeled that way, but God doesn't contradict Himself. He will never share a ‘revelation’ that circumvents what His Word states.

But, we must understand that there are days coming when Joel’s prophecy will blossom. Peter’s sermon in Acts 2 says so. There is no way possible that we can put a finger on the exact date that the Church Age (Acts depicts the beginning of the Church Age) ends. We don't know. There is no prophecy in Scripture that tells us when the Great Snatch will occur. It could be any day, any hour, any moment which is why Jesus instructed us to be ready.

The Day that there will be no more miracles is the Day that the Great White Throne Judgment happens. There won’t be any need for miracles then, for there won’t be any more “chances” for the sons of men to turn from their wicked ways.

Scripture trumps experience every time. I also think that Lutzer has a valid point: miracles do not prove God. Abraham told the Rich Man in Luke 16:31 that even though one be raised from the dead they still will not believe. The Samaritans hosted Jesus and His disciples for three days and the woman at the well brought the whole village to Jesus’ feet. He spoke, they believed, and Jesus did not perform one miracle. He didn't need to. I find that such an overwhelming testimony. But, what a wowser of a miracle!

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