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Refreshment in Refuge

    by Gina Burgess

Only One
Date Posted: August 27, 2017

I know you've seen this before. I have seen it several times and saved it, but after a computer crash several years ago, I lost it and thought it gone forever. Then I was at BJ Hoff's Grace Notes, which is now no more, and not only did I find it again, but now I know who wrote it! BJ Hoff wrote it during a time of great trial. Thank you, BJ, for bringing back a friend I thought I'd lost.

Only One
I've often heard your question. This message is My answer. You're concerned about the hungry in the world, the millions who are starving and in need ... and you ask Me, 'What can I do?' Feed One.
You grieve for all the unborn children murdered every day ... and you ask Me, 'What can I do?' Save one.
You're haunted by the homeless poor who wander city streets ... and you ask Me, 'What can I do?' Shelter one.
You feel compassion for those who suffer pain and sorrow and despair ... and you ask Me, 'What can I do?' Comfort one.
Your heart goes out to the lonely, the abused, and the enslaved ... and you ask Me, 'What can I do?' Love one.
Remember this: Two thousand years ago the world was filled with those in need, just as it is today, and when the helpless and the hopeless called out to Me for mercy, I sent a Savior ...
Hope began with only One.
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